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How to prepare for Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification in 2023
The Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification was introduced in 2015. During this time, a huge number of people have already passed through this challenge. Today, the possession of this certificate is a necessity for any Salesforce Developer. Every day Salesforce attracts more and more new customers and employees to its ranks, and therefore obtaining this certificate in 2023 remains an urgent and popular issue. Today we want to share with you fresh experience and relevant tips on how to prepare for the Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification in 2023.
25 April 2023
How to prepare for Salesforce User Experience Designer Exam and pass it
To become a certified Salesforce UX Designer, you need to pass the Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer exam. In this article, we will provide an exam outline, resources, and additional tips to help you prepare for the Salesforce UX Designer certification exam.
27 February 2023
Business Analyst Trailmix: The value for Salesforce Consultant
A new Trailmix from Salesforce for business analysts has recently been released. We want to highlight the most interesting insights for Salesforce Consultants.
05 January 2023
How to prepare for the Salesforce JavaScript Developer 1 Certification
JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages among developers. Both back-end and front-end devs use it while developing apps. It makes this certification very important and relevant. The Salesforce JavaScript Developer 1 Certification is intended for developers who have 1-2 years of knowledge, skills, and experience in front-end and/or back-end JavaScript application development. 
15 November 2021
3 secrets of effective exam preparation. The magic of eLearning Tool
Have you ever prepared for the exam? For sure, yes. And have you encountered the situation when you had read tons of stuff, but on Day X it turns out that you miss something important? Congratulations! You are one of the million people who faced the problem of inefficient exam preparation. Meet eLearning Tool - the platform by JET BI that will make the corporate ‘students’ life a bit easier.
10 June 2021
The course "Become Salesforce Consultant": We came to the end
Launched for those who want to apply theoretical knowledge into practical experience and become an in-demand Salesforce Consultant, this course became a real success by attendees.
15 April 2020

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