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Salary and Bonus Calculation

Automate the process of calculation salaries for maximum efficiency

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What is Salary Calculation?

Salary Calculation is a Salesforce tool developed by JET BI to automatically calculate salaries and bonuses for each employee. This tool is created for accountants to simplify the calculation of bonuses and salaries, track and maintain statistics, as well as store all the information in Salesforce.

Key features

  • Multicurrency

    A multicurrency account can take some of the confusion, hassle and expense out of dealing with multiple currencies on a regular basis. If you find yourself frequently using foreign currencies, this type of account may be advantageous for you. Therefore, the multi-currency functionality reduces the time and costs of both the company and the employee, thereby making cooperation more comfortable for both parties.
  • Motivation

    Feature that helps an accountan to calculate the salary by using different approaches to payment calculation for employees.
  • Business Calendars Items

    This Feature helps to cooperate with employees from different locations. In order to calculate salaries for employees who have a fixed salary per month, it is necessary to calculate the rate per hour every month. Business Calendars should be created by indicated Location for each contact.
  • Location

    To calculate the salary, employees must indicate the Location for each contact for which the monthly salary is relevant.


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    Reduced time and cost of salary calculating

    Storage of all payroll information in one place

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    Possibility of integration with Jira and C1

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    Possibility of collecting databases on fired employees

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    Possibility of using different approaches for calculating wages for different employees

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    Ability to take into account different types of working relationships between the company and the employee

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    Posibility of automating payment calculation, taking into account the number of working days


Alexandra Tankevich

Head of Accounting, JET BI

Implementation of Salary Calculation became a great leap forward for JET BI Financial Department. The process of calculating salary for each employee became automated and calculated in one click. This automation simplified and made easier all the process to pay the salary for the JET BI team.

Implementation Plan Overview

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  • 1

    Project initiation

    Diagnostics of current business processes that will be included in the system, mapping and product implementation.

  • 2

    Motivation package installation

    Сlick on the installation link provided. Select whether you want to install Motivation App for admins, only, all users, or specific profiles. Click the “Install” button to begin the installation.

  • 3

    Site contact profile creation

    Go to the Setup select Sites and enter your domain name. After that click ‘New’ and create Site in these settings.

  • 4

    Site Guest User Permissions

    After you have created and activated your site. Go to the site details, select ‘Public Access Settings’, next ‘Assigned Users’ select Site Guest User, and click ‘Edit Assignments’ in Permission Set Assignments.

  • 5

    Configuring with ERP/accounting system synchronization

    Configuring ERP/accounting system Admin to synchronize.

  • 6

    Configuring Bonus Models

    Set up Motivation for calculating Salary.

  • 7

    Reports configuration

    The configuration allows the CEO and managers to review reports that meet all requirements and include detailed information about products and competitors. Also, the scoring methods and report forms are embeded.

  • 8

    User training. UAT support

    Includes user training, learning the program from the client's side, demonstrating its capabilities.

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