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How to prepare for the Salesforce JavaScript Developer 1 Certification

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Published by jetbi
15 November 2021

JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages among developers. Both back-end and front-end devs use it while developing apps. It makes this certification very important and relevant.

The Salesforce JavaScript Developer 1 Certification is intended for developers who have 1-2 years of knowledge, skills, and experience in front-end and/or back-end JavaScript application development. 

The certification consists of two parts: Lightning Web Components Superbadge and JavaScript Developer I multiple-choice exam. Both can be received in any sequence.



JavaScript Developer I exam details:

  • 60 questions;
  • 105 minutes;
  • Passing score: 65%;
  • Registration fee: USD 200.


Exam outline

The following sections are covered in the exam:

1. Variables, Types and Collections (23%)

This topic includes such aspects as rules of constructing variable name, data types, typeof operator, type coercion, falsy values, equality comparison, operators, conditionals, var/const/let, string interpolations, string methods.

2. Objects, Functions and Classes (25%)

Here you will find such aspects as arrays, looping, scope,  hoisting, ‘this’ keyword, functions, closures, object destructuring, spread operator, prototype chain, object inheritance, classes, decorators.

3. Browser and Events (17%)

This topic covers such aspects as DOM, events, Window API, Location API, Navigator API, Screen API.

4. Debugging and Error Handling (7%)

In this topic you will find syntax, runtime and logical errors, try ...catch ...finally, throw operator, console methods, debugging in browser.

5. Asynchronous Programming (13%)

This topic includes important  aspects such as execution context, call stack, callback, stack overflow, promise, callback hell, event loop with callback queue, async/await, generator function.

6. Server Side Javascript (8%)

Semantic versioning, Node.js core modules, Node events, Node frameworks will be there.

7. Testing (7%)

Here you will find testing types, Black Box and White Box testing, console.assert().



We suggest to use the following resources to prepare for the exam:


1. Prepare for your Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Credential 

It is an official trailmix for this certification. It will give you plenty of additional information related to the exam.



2. Study for the Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Exam

Includes practice questions to study or repeat some of the base JavaScript aspects.



3. FocusOnForce JavaScript Developer 1 Course

A great practice course to review all of the topics in detail. The course has many questions that you can meet in the exam.



4. Salesforce JavaScript Developer 1 certification series

Nikhil Karkra did a great job going through each topic included in the exam and explaining it with examples. This playlist consists of 8 videos each one represents a topic on the exam and one video containing practice questions on javascript.



Additional resources

The following resource can really help you find any additional information related to JavaScript: JavaScript Guide, Node.js documentation and The Modern JavaScript Tutorial.

The certification covers all the main topics in JavaScript. The guides above will help you to understand JS and its aspects deeper. Preparing for it will be useful both for beginners and developers with advanced JavaScript level. Wish you good luck in preparing for and passing the exam!


Tatyana Luhverchik
Salesforce Frontend Developer
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