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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement® (Pardot) Implementation services

Enhance your B2B marketing efficiency by leveraging Pardot for automation and experience increased lead generation

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Powerful marketing automation for B2B

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly Pardot, serves as a B2B marketing automation platform. It simplifies marketing workflows to produce and nurture top-tier leads, ultimately boosting sales and revenue. 

Using Pardot marketing and sales teams can create, deploy, and manage online efficient marketing campaigns aimed to shorten the sales cycle and as a result, extend ROI. With Pardot implementation build on Salesforce CRM you get a single system of record to connect to your customers in a whole new way.

Why you need Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) implementation?

  • Generate more leads and drive them quickly through the pipeline

    Generate more leads and drive them quickly via the pipeline

    Leverage the comprehensive suite of Pardot marketing automation features simultaneously to engage with your customers across various channels and establish meaningful connections. Tailor your communication strategies, track customer behavior, and refine your approach in real-time.

  • Develop and implement models for lead scoring and nurturing

    Develop and implement models for lead scoring and nurturing

    Empower your sales and marketing team with the finest tools from a B2B marketing automation platform that caters to your specific business requirements. By leveraging Pardot's features, develop intricate systems that assess lead quality and seamlessly guide them through personalized marketing processes.

  • Pardot quick start

    Pardot quick start

    The platform's intuitive interface plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth onboarding experience, enabling users to navigate and utilize Pardot's features with confidence and efficiency. This user-friendly approach not only minimizes the learning curve but also maximizes the potential for individuals from various backgrounds to harness the power of Pardot in their marketing endeavors.

  • Automated email campaigns

    Automated email campaigns

    Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, create impressive emails and send them to your audience at the right time. Use triggers including time, interactions and other custom parameters, to refine your targeting strategy. The result is a finely tuned email campaign that engages your audience effectively, fostering meaningful connections and driving the desired outcomes for your business.

  • Coordinate marketing effort across channels

    Pardot marketing automation platform facilitates the coordination of your efforts, ensuring a unified and cohesive approach across diverse channels. From email campaigns and social media to lead generation and analytics, Pardot provides a centralized hub for managing and synchronizing your marketing strategies. 

  • Insightful reporting

    Insightful reporting

    Gain a profound understanding of how your marketing and sales endeavors influence the ultimate revenue and Return on Investment (ROI). The insightful reporting capabilities serve as a valuable tool for data-driven decision-making, enabling you to optimize your approach and maximize the impact of your marketing and sales initiatives.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement® (Pardot) Implementation:

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    Personalized Marketing

    Pardot enables personalized marketing efforts by leveraging prospect data.

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    Email Marketing Automation

    Automated email campaigns can be set up to deliver timely and relevant content to prospects and customers.

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    Analytics and Reporting

    Pardot offers robust analytics and reporting tools, providing insights into campaign performance, lead engagement, and other key metrics.

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    Social Media Integration

    Pardot can track social interactions and incorporate this data into lead scoring and segmentation.

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    Multi-Channel Marketing

    Pardot supports multi-channel marketing campaigns, allowing organizations to reach prospects through various channels.

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    Lead Qualification and Segmentation

    Pardot facilitates lead qualification by allowing organizations to define criteria for lead scoring and grading.


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