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Conversayit for Salesforce CRM: a successful selling scenario
It’s а matter of fact that even salespeople with years of calling experience feel stressed in unexpected situations which are quite frequent. Never mind newcomers thrown into the selling process or service agents dealing with disappointed customers.
08 December 2020
VR Trends Digest #6
Have you ever considered your movements in VR? Stanford research shows a 5-minute VR session provides loads of nonverbal data allowing the system to identify 95% of users correctly.
19 November 2020
VR in Education and Training in the COVID-19 pandemic
The homebound pivot in a COVID-19 world has brought us to the necessity to adapt the existing technology at a faster pace. This tendency applies to the Education and Training market. The pause in the learning may impact career development and the way the staff is ready for the job.
11 November 2020
VR Trends Digest #5
Check out our latest VR trends digest where we dwell on the most recent news from the industry. Get the latest feeds on Oculus Quest 2 introduced at the latest Facebook Connect event, Neuralink, a new Elon Musk’s startup revolutionizing the brain-computer interfaces field, Microsoft war with deepfakes, and some other intensively discussed VR news.
10 November 2020
Embrace innovation with VR and Salesforce integration
JET BI launches the solution designed to elevate real estate sales and marketing to a new level. Immersive Salesforce solution allows exploring a house in virtual reality, understanding customer journey data points, and making data-driven decisions.
08 November 2020
Tableau Conference 2020 Insights
Since Salesforce closed Tableau deal in 2019 all fans of data visualization have been waiting for news about the planned roadmap for the development of two products: Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Tableau.
04 November 2020
Parking Cloud Administrator Dashboard on Tableau
With the use of Tableau we have enhanced the Parking Automation solution by JET BI, Parking Cloud. This report presents the generic concept of using an extended dashboard for Parking Administrators, which allows assessing the current parking lots situation in the city with a single glance.
12 October 2020
What you'd like to know about Asynchronous Apex
In this article we explain 4 Asynchronous Apex types definitions and uses with sample code for each use case. Keep reading to find out more.
23 September 2020
How to engage Real Estate customers and shorten the sales cycle?
Buying a property is a tiresome and time-consuming process. Traditional approaches in real estate sales have to be transformed with the emphasis on technological advancements and agile approach. Every interaction with a client has to be customized based on his needs. 
31 August 2020
VR Trends Digest #3
We have gathered a couple of exciting things for today's reading. Find out about the top-notch air-handwriting tool by Arizona State University, the opportunity to create your own games in virtual reality introduced by Media Molecule, learn more about how Mercedes-Benz uses immersive technologies to save costs and speed up the launch of new models. Enjoy the blog!
25 August 2020