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Tableau® implementation services

Discover new business opportunities with sophisticated data discovery without any coding.
Connect Tableau to your Salesforce data

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Blend and analyze data across systems

Tableau is one of the largest analytics platforms worldwide that empowers people of any skill level to work with data. The platform consists of several solutions that are aimed to make data management as convenient as possible. Choosing Tableau you reduce manual hours with automation and increase work efficiency, get deeper customer insights and better business intelligence, keep data clean and well-organized

Why use Tableau?

  • You do not need any coding

    You do not need any coding

    Almost every functionality is possible using drag and drop. Tableau provides you with in-built table calculations to add complex analysis with a mouse click

  • Easy visual exploration

    Easy visual exploration

    Once Tableau data integration is achieved, the data is stored in memory by Tableau Server or Tableau Desktop. Results are visualized with the use of best practices in visual perception. Data can be manipulated while visualizing with a high degree of ease of use

  • Customer Community

    Customer Community

    Answers to tricky questions that might occur during work with the instrument can be resolved with the help of answers from experts in the Community. Great opportunities to get acquainted with the tool with Meetup groups, roadshows, online tutorials, and availability of skills in the market

  • Subscription-based licensing

    Subscription-based licensing

    The model is aligned with customer value, providing flexibility on a scale. It is easier for businesses to get started with Tableau by lowering the initial investment required

  • Apply to any business

    Apply to any business

    No matter how big or small your organization is. Tableau provides tools that suit any company size and meet any business requirements

We provide the following Tableau services

Tableau Implementation

We start with the investigation of your data to make it organized and suitable for use with Tableau.

Tableau Support

After implementation is achieved, we provide support services for your system. JET BI team will tackle all the technical and functional issues that may challenge you.

Custom Development on Tableau

Tableau's developer tools and APIs allow you to integrate, customize, automate, and extend Tableau to fit the specific needs of your organization. Go beyond what's in the box to make Tableau the perfect fit for your organization.

We have available resources to start working on your project within 5 business days

1 UX Designer

1 Admin

2 QA engineers

1 Consultant

Your project experience with JET BI

We use an agile and comprehensive approach to deliver tailor-made solutions that cover your business needs

Project Initiation


UX/Solution Design


Acceptance Testing


Warranty & Support


We define the project's objectives, scope, purpose, and deliverables to be produced

We dive into your requirements and business challenges to create a solution that meets your business needs

In-house UI\UX team creates a user-friendly and engaging design aligned with your customers' journey

We create a tailored solution using 15+ years of experience and the world's best practices

We conduct thorough end-to-end testing of the software with every business process from every function of the company

The transfer to the productive environment is initiated according to the cut-over plan and the data migration concept

We support our customers while the go-live phase. The preliminary ramp-up support turns then into the regular hotline support

QA is an inherent part of your project management approach. The well-defined testing procedure guarantees the best quality of the final solution

Industry expertise

  • 1Retail
  • 3Manufacturing
  • 5Fashion
  • 7Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • 2Financial Services
  • 4High Tech
  • 6Professional Services
  • 8Nonprofits

Quick ramp-up

Hire certified developers and consultants in a quick and easy way. We can start working on your project in 2 days including contract signing

Transparent processes

We use the highest corporate security standards including infrastructure, background checks, information security, and intellectual property handling. We also sign NDAs

Focus on Business Value

Every project is coached by one of the co-founders, businessman with deep technical experience

Frameworks diversity

We work both with numerous solutions by SAP and offer solutions of integration with Salesforce® platform

Budget-friendly package

We offer our clients attractive pricing for JET BI products licenses and implementation

5 reasons to work
with JET BI

Our key services consist of projects on Salesforce and SAP platforms. Therefore, we know all the features of each of these systems and can offer you the best solution, taking into account your business needs budget and deadlines for a MVP

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