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How One Head of Sales Provided Revenue Growth Of 20% For The Company

Meet Mike. He is Head of Sales Department at one well-known company.

Mike has been running Sales Department for 3 years. He cherishes a dream to close a super deal and to be promoted.

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starting at $20 USD per user per month


Each day Mike struggles to find efficient ways that would improve communication with clients and provide a better customer service, but neither online courses nor inspiring YouTube speakers bring any significant results

And..Miracles happen! Mike decided to try out Conversayit - application for easy and convenient sales script creation and adjustment.

Integration with Salesforce instance settles the perpetual problem of working with several windows at the same time.

He can also forget about keeping conversation scripts in mind - with Conversayit he can create and adjust them with various scenarios and see a graphical representation of the conversation he builds.


The day of the monthly reporting has ever been a very exciting day for Mike. But this time Mike`s Department surpassed all expectations of his boss. Thanks to the new tool Mike`s team reached a record level of sales throughout the company.

Conversayit! Conversayit!

Happy end

Mike did run the implementation Conversayit tool into sales department and have got promoted.


The company increased its annual revenue by 20%, the number of customers increased by 1.5 times. And it’s only beginning!

Now CEO is spending less time on analytics and reporting, and sales reps are high- motivated every business day!

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