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Agenda Runner - effective meetings with your team

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What is Agenda Runner?

Agenda Runner is a robust meeting management tool that seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and Jira to improve collaboration and productivity. The meeting management app enable real-time communication, effortless file sharing,manager meeting agenda and note-taking, fostering active engagement and efficient decision-making.

Key features

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Navigating through your meetings is a breeze with our intuitive interface. Easily access the information you need for strategic meetings management.
  • Meeting Previews

    Stay informed via our dashboard, which showcases previews of upcoming meetings for the current week. Get a quick overview of meeting details including start time, duration, agenda items, and list of meeting guests. This will allow you to have more productive team meetings
  • Simple Google Calendar Integration

    Create meetings directly from Google Calendar just adding the link to the Agenda app as a participant. Our step-by-step guide makes the process a breeze and clear effective meeting management.
  • Jira Integration

    Connect seamlessly with Jira to create tasks and streamline project management meetings. Link meetings to specific Jira projects with ease.
  • Efficient Weekly Meetings

    Plan and manage recurring weekly meetings effortlessly. Set up weekly meetings for efficient collaboration and track progress over time.
  • Permission Control

    Assign different levels of permissions to meeting participants. From simple attendance to active engagement, manage participant access effectively and management meeting agenda.
  • Export Meeting Minutes

    Generate detailed meeting minutes that include comments and todos. With this project management tool, you can easily share this document with team members for comprehensive post-meeting follow-up.

How does Agenda Runner works?


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    Efficient meeting planning

    Take control of your meeting's agenda and allocate time to individual topics with ease.

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    Efficient meeting execution

    Take notes, add TODO items, ad-hoc agenda items while keeping track of the time allocated for the meeting.

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    User-Friendly Interface

    Intuitive interface ensures that anyone can harness the power of app, making it accessible to all team members.

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    Collaboration during the meeting

    Invitees can exchange comments during the meeting.

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    Detailed Reporting and meeting minutes

    App allows you to generate reports on meetings, duration and costs for your departments, teams or individual team members.

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    Native integration with Atlassian JIRA

    Automatically sync TODO items into JIRA issue tracker.

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    Salesforce native solution

    UI is built on Salesforce platform and can be natively integrated with your existing Salesforce Sales, Service, Experience and other Salesforce clouds.

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    Data Security

    All data is securely stored in Salesforce Cloud.

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    Customization for Your business

    The solution is customizable for your unique business needs including user experience, automations, integrations via API, extended reporting and AI applications.

Implementation Plan Overview

Project duration 1 day

  • 1

    Agenda package installation

    Installing the application using the provided link. Run a post deployment script that will automatically update all the necessary data.

  • 2

    Permission Sets Assignment

    Assigning the necessary perm sets to use and configure the application.

  • 3

    Enabling email services

    Specifying email address for enabling meeting minutes deliverability. Сreating a new email service for using its link to connect to Google Calendar.

  • 4

    Remote Site Settings configuration

    Registering your Jira organization address on the remote site settings for creating Jira tasks.

  • 5

    Configuring with Google synchronization

    Configuring Google console to synchronize and create appointments from Google Calendar.

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