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Landing Page Development service

A landing page is a single-page website whose purpose is to encourage the user to take a specific action. This action can be anything from making a purchase or submitting an online form to simply providing contact information

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Turn your idea into a real product

  • JET BI specializes in creating landing pages that have a high conversion rate, with a focus on design and ease of use for the user

What are the benefits of a Landing Page? 

  • Salesforce applications

    Quick Launching

    Landing page is a quick and effective way to generate leads and increase sales now, which does not require long development and launch

  • AppEchange for business


    Landing page captures visitors' attention and entices them to stay on your site to learn more about your product or service and order it. The page is simple and straightforward, with a strong call to action that encourages visitors to take the next step

  • Certified experts for your team

    Increased Revenue

    Using a landing page, you can launch new products or services separately from your main website, which can increase your revenue

  • Configuration and Administration

    Industry-specific and 3rd party systems integration

    Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Field Services Lightning. Deep expertise in integration with SAP ERP and SAP HANA. IoT and VR solutions. Professional Services, Real-estate, Retail, Fashion, Banking, Manufacturing

Our successfully completed projects

  • Perevaga Technology website

    About the project: Perevaga is product development co and trusted Salesforce® partner on the path to long-lasting and scalable solutions that create value.

    Work process: Planning and Research was carried out and defined the purpose and objectives of the website, chose the target audience. An adaptive and user-friendly website design has been developed with the ability to interact with various gadgets. The design was consistent with the brand identity and target audience preferences. The site has been developed for a desktop and adaptive version that is responsive and accessible on different devices and browsers. Performed testing for the website to ensure that it works as intended, and is free from bugs and errors. This included testing the website's functionality, usability, performance, and security.

    Result: Developed Perevaga corporate website is aimed at attracting new clients or partners (or strengthening existing partnerships) and revealing the company's advantages

    Service: Corporate Website Development

    Terms: 8 weeks


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  • VR for Real Estate

    About the project: Virtual Reality solution for Real Estate Salesforce® enhances the virtual reality touchpoint in the customer journey

    Work process: An analysis was made of similar sites using VR technologies. Prepared structure and user-friendly design using VR. Performed development with Salesforce as a backend and functional interaction in virtual reality with furniture and decor.

    Result: Use the Real Estate companies website to get customer insights and behavioral analytics with Salesforce® Einstein to personalize the customer experience. Real estate customers get the right message at the right time, responding to their needs.

    Service: VR website development

    Terms: 8 weeks



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  • Bid4Good

    About the project: Bid 4 Good is an online auction at JET BI where everyone can suggest a lot or buy a lot. All collected funds are gathered for charity purposes.

    Work process: According to the defined goals and objectives of the site, the structure of the auction was prepared. A user-friendly web design has been developed which allows employees to take full advantage of all the possibilities of the portal. The development of a portal with the functionality of the auction and performed testing and deployed on production has been completed.

    Result: Our team created a web-portal to publish stories, organize online auctions where employees and partners can sell funny and personalized lots, bid, as well as communicate, collect funds and connect people to help those in need or other initiatives to make the world a better place.

    Service: Web-portal development

    Terms: 14 weeks


  • Strengthening


We have available resources to start working on your project within 5 business days

1 UX Designer


1 Admin


2 QA engineers


1 Consultant


Industry expertise

  • 1Retail
  • 3Manufacturing
  • 5Fashion
  • 7Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • 2Financial Services
  • 4High Tech
  • 6Real Estate
  • 8Nonprofits

Quick ramp-up

Hire certified developers and consultants in a quick and easy way. We can start working on your project in 2 days including contract signing.

Transparent processes

We use the highest corporate security standards including infrastructure, background checks, information security, and intellectual property handling. We also sign NDAs.

Focus on Business Value

Every project is coached by one of the co-founders, technical and business expert with deep expertise in systems integration.

Enterprise-level expertise

We work both with numerous solutions by SAP and offer solutions of integration with Salesforce® platform.

Pre-built packages and accelerators

Over 14 pre-built packages or products on top of the Salesforce platform which you can utilize and customize to streamline your implementation. Get even more value from your Salesforce implementation.

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with JET BI

Our key services proposal is based on Salesforce and SAP platforms. We know the features of each of these ecosystems and can offer you the most optimal solution, taking into account your business needs, priorities, timeline and budget constraints.

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Once all preparations are in place, we will initiate the project and move forward with the planned tasks

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