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ASAP Methodology

Implementation of SAP solutions using ASAP methodology

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SAP implementation methodology has been developed by the German company SAP AG to improve quality, save time, and optimize other resources. Based on years of successful experience, ASAP provides templates, scripts, and tools. 


The basis of the ASAP methodology is a special route map, which includes 5 steps:

1. Project preparation;

2. Concept design;

3. Implementation;

4. Final preparation;

5. Operational transition and support.

Accelerated SAP (ASAP)


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    Project preparation

    Project preparation consists of planning and finding resources for SAP implementation:

    – Defining the goals and objectives of the project;

    – Development of an implementation strategy and resources allocation;

    – Building a competent team;

    – Every step is documented and agreed with the client.

  • Concept design

    Concept design

    Description and documentation of future business processes and requirements, as well as refinement of the goals and objectives of the project.

    Some steps of implementation:

    – Creation of documents with the definition of business processes;

    – Detailed elaboration and approval of the final scope of work;

    – Building out a learning strategy.

  • Implementation


    Implementation implies the reproduction of all business processes specified in the Conceptual Design.

    The objectives of this phase:

    – Solution creation;

    – Implementing the final solution in a development environment;

    – System testing in SAP Test Management environment;

    – Preparing for data migration.

    All test results are recorded in documents

  • Final preparation

    Final preparation

    At this stage, the system is being prepared for operation.

    Key steps:

    – Preparation of instructions and training materials for users;

    – Migration of data from in-house systems to SAP;

    – Testing to ensure optimal performance of the SAP system.

    After successfully completing this stage, you can start working in a productive SAP system





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