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HR automation solutions

Automation processes attract, train and retain top talent

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What HR processes we can automate

With the help of our developed solutions and the expertise of our specialists, we automate HR processes and integrations in one platform, using a single source of data.

Automating HR services

  • Find and Hire

    Finding the best candidate is a challenging task for recruiters, which is why our solutions give you an edge in this process. The ease of entering data in the system and searching information about each candidate, synchronization and systematization at each stage of the candidate search process helps recruiters focus on work and pay more attention to candidates than to routine.
  • Onboarding and adaptation

    During the onboarding process, a new employee needs to complete many obligatory and important corporate processes, the automation of which can save a significant amount of working time. Sign documents - via electronic document and digital signature. Complete mandatory training with the help of our eLearning tool - safety, company values, compliance with corporate rules and regulations. Draw up a Personal development plan (PDP) and start developing.
  • Employees data

    Organize and simplify your HR database from scattered spreadsheets and paper files, putting organized, centralized data at your fingertips when you need it. Put an end to double entry errors, duplication of entries for different managers for different reports in Google Sheets, eliminating the need to control the entry of the correct information into the same information in different modules. Keep your data secure and your business compliant.
  • Payroll and bonuses & Track working hours and time off

    We will help you automate the process of tracking hours worked, manage bonuses and awards, and run payroll all from a single platform. No more data for manual entry and approval, just accurate payroll for you and your employees and automatic generation and sending of invoices. Our system for payroll calculation will allow you to avoid errors in calculations, remove the complexity of calculating and accounting for various bonuses.
  • HR analytics and performance metrics, dashboards

    Аbility to manage data and compile any analytical information at your request, both based on employee records and synthetic data. Powerful standard and custom reports, analytics and information-rich dashboards will help you get even more insights and give you the benefits of Helicopter View.
  • Integration

    Integration with google calendar to schedule and conduct various working meetings between executives, HR managers, mentors and employees - meetings during onboarding and adaptation, for one-to-one meetings, for performance reviews, etc. Integration with Jira, email systems and others.

Who needs HR automation?

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    Employees. Have access to proper employee information and necessary help information.

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    Executives. Real-time data allows you to always have your finger on the pulse of company life and monitor status at any moment.

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    HR managers and recruiters. A united system of data on candidates and employees allows you to raise the level of usability of HR processes.

Review about HR processes automation


Ruslan Krapivin

Human Resources Director of JET BI

When I tried working with our HR tools, I quickly realized how much easier it made my work life. The useful features give our managers and employees a complete solution to do everything they need to do, from vacation to getting paid. Payroll is very easy, the hiring feature gives a great candidate experience, employees are thrilled with the easy vacation provisioning, any data analysis and reporting is not weird google spreadsheets - but automatic informative dashboards and custom reports on actual data.

10 years expertise
More than 10 years of expertise in Salesforce® implementations, custom development and product development on the Salesforce platform™ (APEX, Visualforce, Salesforce1, Lightning)
Efficient project management
We use the highest corporate security standards including infrastructure, background checks, information security, and intellectual property handling. We also sign NDAs
Quick ramp-up
Every project is coached by one of the co-founders, businessmen with deep technical experience
Industry expertise
We work both with numerous solutions by SAP and offer solutions of integration with Salesforce® platform
Dedicated QA team
We offer our clients attractive pricing for JET BI products licenses and implementation
5 reasons to work with JET BI
With JET BI, you will have an experienced and reliable support team to administer and expand the solution on Salesforce as your business grows
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