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3 secrets of effective exam preparation. The magic of eLearning Tool

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Published by jetbi
10 June 2021

Have you ever prepared for the exam? For sure, yes. And have you encountered the situation when you had read tons of stuff, but on Day X it turns out that you miss something important? Congratulations! You are one of the million people who faced the problem of inefficient exam preparation.

Meet eLearning Tool - the platform by JET BI that will make the corporate ‘students’ life a bit easier. The specialists of the Salesforce Department have to pass numerous exams all their professional life long as Salesforce is rather strict to the experts capable of coping with boundless possibilities of the platform. So yes, we are endless students. 


Pic.1. Login Page


Secret 1. Visualize and know the scope

eLearning Tool is a platform with a great pool of questions for various specialists in our company. Questions encompass different situations for real projects and resemble the real exam questions. The user can test exams, find answers, and study in a calm atmosphere. When the real exam is closer and the team lead is ready to assess the corporate student the real exam is assigned. This exam preparation method gives employees the necessary scope of questions and situations for the real exam and future work challenges.


Pic.2. Home page


Secret 2. Be involved and find explanations on your own

It’s widely known that people could gain more useful information when they are involved in the educational process. If a student has to find the answer to the question, the brain cells have to make additional paths in the searching process. So, the great idea is to implement it in corporate learning, isn’t it?

The eLearning tool includes 10 exams with more than 1000 questions for Salesforce professionals. The employee can prepare for the exam in test mode, track the progress and timeline, review wrong and right answers for the questions, and share the ideas why the answer is correct for each question.


Pic.3. Question page


Pic.4. The answers review after the exam is finished


Secret 3. Leave a mark in corporate history. Help the newcomer

People love being helpful and realize that their efforts are not in vain. The questions for eLearning Tool are prepared by the company’s employees while preparing for the exam and as a part of the professional review process.

The most frequent users of eLearning Tool are junior specialists - developers, consultants, administrators, and eLearning Tool is one of the first corporate software the employees encounter. Bringing up the coming generation of specialists is such an honorable thing that could motivate employees to learn and share knowledge more.


Pic.5. Exam assignment page


Pic.6. The results of the exam


eLearning Tool takes the rightful place in the corporate training life. New questions and exams are constantly being prepared. Also,  we will have a new role soon - a Candidate, so the eLearning Tool will serve HR in the hiring process. Stay tuned and track our updates!

Yuliya Paus
Salesforce Consultant

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