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Dream Scheduler
Challenge Develop a mobile application for the one of the biggest high-tech events of the year - Dreamforce. Conference annually organized by Salesforce in San Francisco. Solution Our team created an application which allows the user to manage the event experience and get the most out of Dreamforce attendance. The user can take advantage of the clickable map to drill down and access the schedule, speakers and other essential event information. With the help of the application attendees can build their personal agenda and keep track of it. The offline mode allows the use of the app without internet connectivity.   Features • List of all Dreamforce events • Clickable map • Offline mode • Convenient filters to search events • Opportunity to mark sessions as favourite, add or remove them from a personal agenda
Mobile Development
Doctor Online
Challenge Develop a user-friendly application that makes it easy to call a doctor.   Solution Our team has developed an application that allows you to choose the case, specify the address and pay for the services of a doctor from the app. Within 90 minutes a qualified doctor will be able to provide all necessary services. Features • Multi-language support on the fly • Custom developed backend • In-app purchases • Dynamic menu based on server settings
Mobile Development
Warehouse Management
Challenge Develop an application that allows to obtain a list of unprocessed Shipping Invoices (TTN) from SAP, select the required one, calculate the positions and upload the received information back to the server. Solution SAP ERP as a backend delivers data via the SAP Netweaver Gateway using the Odata protocol. Using the terminal scanner, the user can quickly find the desired TTN and corresponding documents, make calculations and synchronize it with the server without any manual manipulation. Features • Encrypted Protocol • Automatic position item locking • Automatic barcode counting • Ability to reset found positions • Hierarchical display of boxes and products • Test run mode • Offline mode • Minimal response time from the server  
Mobile Development
Challenge Development of a mobile application, which allows employees to unlock creativity and at the same time raise money for giving away to people in need. Solution Our team created a web-portal to publish stories, organize online auctions where employees and partners can sell funny and personalized lots, bid, as well as communicate, collect funds and connect people to help those in need or other initiatives to make the world a better place. Features • SalesForce as a backend • Connection between employees, partners and clients • Charity
Mobile Development
Challenge Develop a mobile application that keeps company’s needs up-to-date with all latest market trends, identifies and visualizes the benefits and problems of the business, collects information company needs to know about the competitors and their marketing. Solution Our team created an application which allows to get real-time insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, to gather information about market situation quick and easy. Analyze competitor offerings, important market events and react to any market changes at the right time. Dashboards with forecast trends enable to develop a successful marketing strategy and win the deals. Features • SalesForce as a backend • Market knowledge database • Segmentation engine • CEO dashboard • Battle card
Mobile Development
Challenge Develop a mobile application that allows employees to communicate with each other and receive positive emotions. Solution Our team created an application where employees of the company can award their colleagues with scores, leave feedbacks about each other, send screenshots to each employee of the company. Karma can be different: you can evaluate both professional and personal qualities of your colleagues or you can give them Karma for something else. Features • SalesForce as a backend • Karma connect employees • Opportunity and motivation for employees to express themselves
Mobile Development
Parking Cloud
Challenge Development of a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms which allows to find the nearest parking lot, learn about it and pave the way to it. Solution Information from the sensors proceed to the SalesForce. Each parking lot has a variety of data - cost per hour, evacuation, accessibility, etc. The user using the geolocation can find a free parking near to himself, choose the one on the map and get directions to it. When the user arrives he can pay for the parking and leave a review about it. Features • SalesForce as a backend • Parking lot review options • In-app Google maps navigation • In-app purchases • Premium functions • Analytics on parking lots and reports on parkings workload
Mobile Development
SAP Fiori Application for goods allocation and selection management
Project description  A need to automate the process of decommissioning products, in particular, the stage of picking products, according to the law became the main project assumption. The client needed an easy-to-use, reliable mobile application that would meet all the requirements of modern technologies. Since the main processes of the enterprise are automated with the use of the SAP system, the same platform and SAP Fiori were chosen as the optimal technology for developing a mobile application that meets all the basic requirements. Goals and tasks  While working on the project JET BI team had to develop and implement the following features: Search for reservations by various parameters and parameter groups; View the list of reservations; View detailed information on reservation items, changes to the information, position removal option; Scanning of excise labels; Changes to the information on excise labels as well as the information removal; Excise labels validation via data conversion from the 36th system and further information request in SAP backend; Development of the fully custom lock engine that ensures proper application work while used by several persons; A storage mechanism for change history. Project scope  According to the set goals project a reservation document that indicates the product demand on the beverage department should be created in SAP system. The storekeeper indicates the quantity of goods actually selected for the reservation using the mobile scanner, and also scans the brands from bottles (for strong alcohol). The entered data is stored in SAP user tables, as well as in the standard reservation document for further accounting and shipment. Result  The project resulted in the successful implementation of SAP Fiori application that enables reservations management. This application is maximally adapted to the client's chosen mobile scanner (TSD), but it can also work on the desktop. The application consists of 5 main screens and a series of pop-up sub-screens for operational comfort. All the goals and tasks set at the preparation stage were successfully implemented. Advantages of JET BI  Unique technical expertise and experience in Business Intelligence tools; High quality thanks to the efficient QA processes and the transparent handling of bugs enhancement applications; Bureaucracy minimum; Adjustment to the client`s internal processes, challenges implementation with regard of the specific of the business processes; High level of employees’ motivation.
AD Support Tool
Challenge The goal of the project was to realize a tool for nonprofit foundation in Boston that would help addicted people get quick professional support when it is needed. Solution Each patient is assigned to a coach and a treatment program. The application makes it possible to schedule a meeting with his coach, pass the tests designated by the coach or get advice at any time, using a chat or video calls. The entire history of interactions is processed in the SalesForce, which allows the coach to quickly render the necessary assistance. Features • User authorization via Salesforce and social networks; • In-App chat and Video calls; • Сomplete anonymity and security; •Treatment program based on passing the tests
Mobile Development
Salesforce integration with a Health System
Project description  Salesforce integration with the US Health System developed for Providers, Payers, Care Managers, Employers that provides analytics and insights for Cost and Quality Improvement Analytics, Analytics for Population and Employee Health. Integration with external database, BigData, custom pages, external JS library.   Goals and tasks  Verify integration with 3rd party system API testing Understand complex business logic together with Health Cloud Data Model Design tests for different Personas with different levels of access Design detailed test documentation Perform cross-browser testing Big Data usage Verify new functionalities delivered during two parallel sprints Result  Provided high-quality assurance of application and as a result product passed Security Review to in order to be listed in an online marketplace for Salesforce apps 2 fully tested versions of application were released More than 300 defects did not “go Live” Detailed test cases helped another QA engineer easily get acquainted with the project Advantages of JET BI  All engineers ISTQB Certified Deep knowledge in CRM systems Workflow transparency Flexible engagement models Minimal on-boarding overheads
Help Center for Salesforce users
Project description  JET BI team created a Help Center for Salesforce users seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Cases and Knowledge. It provides personalized search to give employees, customers, and partners the right information quickly. Users can find all the information that may be useful in the working process in a form of learning articles. The solution is also empowered with easy and transparent help center ticketing, in case no required information is available. Goals and tasks  Verify integration with 2 systems (Kronos, SharePoint) Design tests for different Personas and different level of access (Salesforce, Salesforce Platform, Customer Community, Partner Community licenses) Design detailed test documentation Design detailed instructions and set-up steps for end users Perform cross-browser testing Analyze and test business requirements GUI and Usability testing Mobile testing (Salesforce App and native app) Perform testing after customization functionality for end clients Participate in working sessions with end clients for resolving issues   Project scope  Implementation of Lightning App and Community for web and mobile usage that includes Salesforce Cases, Knowledge base and personalized search for finding the right information quickly. Implementation of custom reports and dashboards for tracking user activity and receiving feedback. Result  Powerful search capabilities consider Knowledge Article views, likes and last published date when presenting results. Results are personalized based on the user. Content Preview displays an article preview to the user without leaving search results. Content is personalized and tailored for each user. Feedback on articles is managed within an SLA to ensure timely updates. The app manages article review cycles and automatically flags content in need of review. Call to Action implemented - Suggested actions provide fast issue resolution, and can be defined based on the article type or category, or for a specific article. Actions can include logging a Case, making a phone call, visiting a web page, launching an app or chatting live with an agent. Ease to Use - One-stop shop for all shared services ticketing (e.g. IT, HR, Facilities, T&E, etc.). Intuitive forms offer a frustration-free experience. Integrated Chatter® feed enables quick and easy collaboration between users and ticket owners. Community version available. Lightning app and a native iOS designed. 2 fully tested web versions of application were successfully released. 2 fully tested mobile versions of application were successfully released.   Advantages of JET BI  All engineers ISTQB Certified  Deep knowledge in CRM systems  Workflow transparency  Flexible engagement models  Minimal on-boarding overheads
Salesforce based wealth-management and investment management solution
Project description  Our team was assigned to develop an investment center - a full-scale wealth-management and investment management solution for the US mass market. This app is designed for investment managers, analysts and investors who can authorize, manage customer main data (including households information), create and maintain proposals, design portfolios, search live stream info, and use different integrated partner wealth-management\investment planning tools. Goals and tasks  The goal was to build a Salesforce employee Help Center, that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Cases and Knowledge Project scope  Automate Smoke and Regression Testing Verify integration with 4 systems Design tests for different Personas and different level of access Design detailed test documentation Perform cross-browser testing Check different features in dependency of environment Analyze and test business requirements Usability testing Result  2 fully tested versions of application were successfully released Safe 1h per week by automatization Smoke test Safe 7h per week by automatization Regression Test Test documentation was provided to the customer More than 1000 defects did not “go live” Advantages of JET BI  All engineers ISTQB Certified Deep knowledge in CRM systems Workflow transparency Flexible engagement models Minimal on-boarding overheads

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