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Resource Allocation Wizard

Optimizing Resource Management and Project Planning

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What is Resource Allocation Wizard?

Application Resource Allocation Wizard provides a powerful solution for optimizing resource allocation, streamlining workflows, and making informed decisions. Its user-friendly interface and essential functionalities will help your company take its under control of strategic resources.

Key features

  • Find and filter resources easily

    Use the built-in filters By Project Role, By Team Lead, and By Department to quickly find suitable employees. Also use the search to work with a specific resource.
  • Track key metrics: planning vs. actual workload

    Gain key metrics of your employees by comparing planned resource allocations with real-time workloads. Easily make important data-driven decisions.
  • Assign resources effortlessly

    Add, edit, and delete a workload with just a few clicks.
  • Automatic color cues based on workload assignments

    Resources with low workload are highlighted in red and yellow for your convenience.
  • Month and weekly resource viewing

    Switch between different view modes in one click and work with resources even more efficiently.
  • Copy daily workloads with a simple drag-and-drop

    Easily copy the days you need, just drag and drop the workload to a new location.
  • Copy workloads from the previous week with a few clicks

    Copy the workload from the previous week to all employees with just a few clicks.
  • Quick project search

    Select a project on the project resource planning page from the list, also next to the project name there is brief information: the start and end date of the project, the number of hours needed and the number of hours assigned, which makes it easier to find.
  • Booking employees for the project

    From the list of employees you can select and book one or more employees for a specified period of time, you can also edit and delete data.
  • Booking employees for a project on a specific date

    To effectively book employees for a project on a specific date, simply go to the calendar and select the desired date. This simple process ensures accurate planning and resource allocation, enhancing project management capabilities.

Demo video of Resource Allocation Wizard


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    Reduce losses

    Identify workload gaps and reduce bench time for your team.

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    Increase revenue

    Provide accurate information to your sales and marketing teams about resources available to ensure their utilization in time.

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    JIRA integration

    Say goodbye to manual JIRA project selection; our automation boosts workflow efficiency.

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    Consolidate Utilization Data

    Harness the power of a unified database, enabling robust reporting, historical analysis and AI-powered forecasting.

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    Enhance Team Productivity

    Implement collaborative utilization management while controlling visibility based on the matrix corporate structure.

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    Ensure New Employee Availability

    Track and allocate resources for new projects seamlessly, minimizing onboarding disruptions.

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    Optimize Resource Utilization

    Maximize productivity with intelligent resource allocation, enhancing your bottom line.

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    Salesforce native solution

    UI is built on Salesforce platform and can be natively integrated with your existing Salesforce Sales, Service, Experience and other Salesforce clouds.

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    Promote Transparency

    Make corresponding resource plans accessible to all team members, fostering a culture of collaboration and informed decision-making.

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    Plan for the Future

    Accurately forecast resource utilization, ensuring you're well-prepared for upcoming demands.

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    Evaluate Performance

    Generate plan-fact reports that compare planned resource allocations with actual usage, enabling continuous improvement.

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    Data Security

    All data is securely stored in Salesforce Cloud.

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