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Komunikado release. New features and opportunities to save time
Kommunikado is a tool to solve that issue. As already described in the article, Komunikado is a product that allows you to save resources and acts as a connector between Salesforce and Atlassian JIRA accounting programs, which in turn leads to a significant reduction in time spent.
30 November 2022
Automation testing implementation for Salesforce Field Service Project
24 November 2022
5 Best features of Salesforce CPQ you need to know
CPQ Salesforce helps to improve the sales process and to increase the speed and effectiveness of selling products to the customer. With product and price rules and easy creation of quotes, the sales process becomes faster and easy to do for sales reps in the company. Let’s review 5 best features of Salesforce CPQ that will help you to improve your business processes.
18 November 2022
ConversayIT. Improve your service with a better understanding of customer needs
ConversayIT is a Lightning Salesforce application that is used for creating unique conversation scripts with many scenario variants which you can create easily with a comfortable script instrument.
11 November 2022
Salesforce® Flow Automation tool. Short guideline
Flow is a powerful instrument in Salesforce® and a great tool to automate your processes without coding, so most commonly used by Salesforce administrators. At the end of 2022, Salesforce will be retiring Workflow Rules and Process Builder automation and you won’t be able to create a new one. So it is a point to create now all automation using Flow and transfer your Workflow Rules and Process Builders to flows.
03 November 2022
How to become a GIT Guru? The most common mistakes and their solutions
How often does it happen when you have been working on a project for a long time, have already made a bunch of changes, and have almost reached the goal but suddenly something irreversible happens? Maybe you committed the changes to the wrong branch or a merge conflict appeared... Now the panic attack is getting you. Familiar feeling? You are not alone: this is quite a common situation for every developer.
31 October 2022

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