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Understand the market and competitors with Advantage

Growing your business without understanding the market and competitors is risky. Empower your team with knowledge about the market and its segmentation using a brand-new Salesforce® solution.

Advantage, marketing automation tool by JET BI provides users with information about the product unique advantages compared to the strongest competitors on Opportunity, Account or Product battle cards right in Salesforce®CRMWith the help of informative battle cards, it is easy to consolidate information at one place, learn strong and weak points of the products and competitors on the market. 

Advantage provides the team with an understanding of the clients, allows to spend less time on things, which can be done in an automotive mode. Automatically generated dashboards and reports for CEO provide users with an overview of the market situation and competitors activities.

The solution is universal and may be applied for different product lines and companies on Product and Account layout respectively. With a deep analysis of both layouts, Advantage will help to build a strong product and marketing strategy.

Make industry research, identify your strongest competitors for each deal, your unique advantages and your weak points with Advantage. Get a quote today!

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