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Salesforce licenses overview - Part 1

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Published: October, 26, 2017

The situation with Salesforce licenses is quite difficult as there are many types, which can get confusing. Further complications are related to the fact that apart user licenses, you can purchase feature licenses, or permission set licenses.

The wrong choice of license can affect the work process of the whole organization. Therefore, it is essential to manage Salesforce licenses accurately to get the most out of your investment.

A user license determines a set of Salesforce features which user has access to. Salesforce’s different user licenses give users different access to your data.  (The license type determines which profiles and permission sets are available to the user).


If you would like to enable specific Salesforce functionality for your users, you must choose one user license for each user. To enable additional functionality, you can assign permission set licenses and feature licenses to your users or purchase usage-based entitlements for your organization. The list of active user licenses in your Salesforce org, can be viewed in Setup | Company Information.

In the article below we are going to explain the major features of user licenses.

Standard User Licenses

A license determines the set of features that the user can access. Each user should have exactly one user license. User permissions are assigned to a user  for data access through a profile and optionally one or more permission sets.

Edition Comparison chart would help to see the differences and choose the most suitable for you.



This license enables full access to standard CRM and Force.com AppExchange apps. You have access to any standard or custom app Depending on the edition (Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition) the price hovers from 25 up to 300 USD/ a month per 1 user.

Knowledge Only User

This license provides you access to the Salesforce Knowledge app, custom objects, custom tabs and standard tabs. This license includes a Knowledge Only profile that grants access to the Articles tab.


Thanks to Salesforce Identity users can be linked to external applications and services. So just with a single ID and a password admins could connect users by managing an access to the existing directory and all enterprise apps.

External Identity

After the purchase of license you will be able to store and manage users outside of your organization’s user base (such as non-employees), you can also choose how they authenticate (username/password, or Single Sign-On social sign-on through Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and others), and allow self-registration.

Work.com Only User

If you do not have a Salesforce license, but you need the access to Work.com, you can take advantage of this license.


No need for standard CRM functionality? Want to create social and mobile apps using Lightning tools? Turn your attention to the one of Force.com user license types that suits you most. Licenses starting at 15 USD/user/month for a single app, and going up to 50-75 USD for the Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. Enterprise or Unlimited Editions that include CRM functions as well will cost 125 USD - 250 USD per user per month.


At the moment SFDC offers App Cloud Build apps connected to your CRM solution, it allows also to create apps that connect to Salesforce. App Cloud could combine both features of Force.com and Heroku. Pricing depends on the package you will choose: from 25 USD per month per user up to 4000 USD per company per month and more. For more details, you can review Salesforce App Cloud comparison chart.


Force.com is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) product; it contains a platform for you to build applications. Force.com enables you to customize the applications, business logic and User Interface.With Force.com, every app your users build is instantly mobile.


Salesforce Platform

All custom apps in your organization or installed from Force.com AppExchange are available to users. In addition, they are entitled to use core platform functionality. However, there are some restrictions in access to some user permissions and standard apps, including standard tabs. Users can also use Connect Offline.

Force.com One App

The same rights as Salesforce Platform users, plus they have access to an unlimited number of custom tabs. However, they are limited to the use of one custom app, which is defined as up to 10 custom objects, and they are limited to read-only access to the Accounts and Contacts objects. Each license provides an additional 20 MB of data storage and 100 MB of file storage, regardless of the Salesforce edition. Not available for new customers! 

Force.com App Subscription

The functionality of Force.com Light App or Force.com Enterprise App is at your hand. Neither of which include CRM functionality. Up to 10 custom objects and 10 custom tabs, read-only access to accounts and contacts, and supports object-level and field-level security. Each Force.com App Subscription license provides an additional data storage depending on the Edition, as well as 2 GB of file storage regardless of the edition. Force.com Enterprise App supports the permissions of a Force.com Light App and allows also record-level sharing, can use the Bulk API and Streaming API, and has read/write access to accounts and contacts.

Company Community User

This is an internal user license for employee communities. Users can go to custom tabs, Salesforce Files, Chatter (people, groups, feeds), and a Community that includes a Site.com site. Company Community users have read-only access to Salesforce Knowledge articles. They can also: Access up to 10 custom objects and 10 custom tabs; Use Content, Ideas, Assets, and Identity features; Use activities, tasks, calendar, and events; Have access to accounts, contacts, cases, and documents.


In the next article, we are going to cover specific aspects of Chatter, User Licenses, Service Cloud User, and Communities User Licenses. Don't miss the most interesting of Salesforce® world. Follow JET BI.

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