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Best parking management solutions

Published: June, 23, 2020

With the movement of global population to urban areas, comes the need for better сoordination of congestion, air quality, and parking experience. Modern technologies bring dynamic parking information to parking managers’ systems and to drivers’ smartphones. Parking management software is a fully cloud-based solution that implicates the use of connected parking occupancy detection sensors, real-time data collection and automated payment systems. It allows parking administrators to manage parkings and parking lot information, keep track of valuable real-time and historic analytics, integrate with other systems, e.g. hotel and payment management systems.

Our analysis covers parking management apps for administrators (A) and parking apps for drivers (D). In this article, we will concentrate on the admin part.

Parking Cloudpowered by JET BI

Parking Cloud is a cloud-based platform that ensures intelligent usage of parking space.

How it works

Parking administrators install a base station, parking lot sensors, and Parking Cloud app. Then they perform parking catalog setup using a Wizard, configure users and visibility settings, ads and notifications. Finally, they can view usage statistics.


Parking Cloud allows administrators to manage a parking structure, a parking map, working hours, price, availability, and parking lot description. The main advantage of the app is that it is based on Salesforce, thus the app offers greater security, scalability, and performance for its users. Moreover, Parking Cloud provides Community where drivers can interact with each other, read articles and news related to parking, receive up-to-date information about road restrictions in the city. Parking operators can also configure advertising by assigning banners and measure user satisfaction level by collecting their feedback about parking.



JustPark is a UK parking management app for parking operators as well as space owners who can rent out their driveway, parking space or garages.

How it works

Car park administrators download JustPark app, publish parking information such as parking lot description and its location, and receive extensive reports on parking performance.


Operators manage parking lot description, provide percentage discounts or fixed discounts, cap the number of validations offered at any given time. The app delivers real-time car park performance reports including revenue and occupancy data, full visibility on driver identities and behaviour. The data can be filtered by standard reporting periods with custom date selection.


ParkEdge, developed by Streetline

Leveraging machine-learning technology, the company’s solution provides public and private on- and off-street parking availability data.

How it works

Parking managers install the app and enter manually or upload parking location data. ParkEdge parking lot information is combined with Streetline’s on-street parking data. Streetline uses smartphone location and motion sensors to detect user’s parking activities and calculate real-time parking availability. Then this data is published in the Guidance API to deliver on- and off-street parking occupancy information for drivers.


The app comprises the most detailed parking lot description: capacity, space type, general, motorcycles or bicycles, electric vehicles, disabled designation, shared ride access, loading zones, no parking zones, street cleaning hours, permit requirements, restrictions, operational hours, maximum duration, parking rates, and payment methods. ParkEdge provides an option of uploading of operator data through the Parking Facility  API.


SwappAccess, powered by SWARCO

SWARCO offers a traditional parking management system as well as new technologies such as licence plate recognition, contactless cards for payment, and mobile solutions.

How it works

Drivers insert their personal data, licence plate number, and payment details. When they enter or exit the parking area at the barriers, sensors, QR-code or camera register it automatically, and the parking payment is processed. Administrators can monitor and manage these activities.


A manager can administrate visitors, view all current parkings and transaction logs, change price, occupancy, and more. Parking operators can provide special discounts, subscription solutions, and customer loyalty programs to get closer to their users.


Presto1000, developed by IEM

IEM provides Presto1000, an application for technical and administrative personnel to analyse and manage on-street parking as well as manage customer relationship including contracts, products, and services.

How it works

First, the application should be installed on the client's workstation. Then parking operators can manage and analyze parking activites, the administrative personnel can set up and sell subscriptions. In addition, Presto1000 enables technical staff to maintain parking infrastructure including parkmeters and detectors.


Operators can get detailed reports and statistics on cash collection, financial status, alarms, transactions per credit card type, agent information, and violations. As for parking information, managers can set up tarifs, display messages, ticket texts, registration of bank holidays, access to financial institutions, calibration of coin verifier, alarm thresholds. The main benefit of the app is the ability to create and edit various parameters. These options include subscriber management, mobile payments management, virtual services and fine management, detector management.


To sum up, traffic congestion, air pollution, and road safety have become major issues at the global and local levels. To overcome these challenges, municipalities and corporations should use smart technologies such as parking management systems that address various aspects of these problems.

We have analyzed the whole data massive using Advantage, an add-on solution for Salesforce Sales Cloud providing valuable market insights.

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