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SAP Analytics Cloud

Using R Visualizations within SAP Analytics Cloud
The standard functionality for data visualization within SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is extremely wide, but if not enough, it is possible to connect the R language, which allows you to lay out powerful algorithms for data visualization and analyze.
21 August 2019
SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Capabilities
SAP Analytics Cloud is a unified platform that integrates business analytics, planning, and predictive analytics. SAP Analytics Cloud uses the “model” concept. It is the foundation for storing and researching data
24 May 2019
Types of Data Visualization in SAP Analytics Cloud
In the world packed with the big amount of the data we face each moment, visual information plays an important role in comparison to text and tables. Data visualization makes it easier to perceive information as it better attracts the attention of users.
05 May 2019
How to find reports easily using SAP Analytics Hub?
Often users are looking for the reports,  that are scattered across different environments and platforms, for example, SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BEx Web, IBM Cognos BI, and others.
24 March 2019
What's new in SAP Analytics Cloud?
SAP introduced new features in SAP Analytics Cloud. This version provides a convenient and effective functionality for users and developers. In our article, we will briefly review some of them.
01 February 2019
"Management System of the Major Construction Work” within the "Smart city" concept
In the presence of a large number of construction projects, there is a problem of timely control of investments expenditures, deviation of budget expenditures and time of construction in general.
08 January 2019

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