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Custom Development

How to manage features on installed packages using Feature Management App
Managed packages installed in orgs contain a lot of metadata that configure the applications' work. If you need to set some settings that are not available to edit by any user after package installation, you can create a new Custom Setting on your packaging org with Protected visibility. This ensures that this custom setting will not be available for manual editing after installing the package on the Salesforce Organisation.
22 December 2022
How to use CSS styles, links and scripts with HTML email templates
As marketers, we are responsible for the quality of emails that we send to our customers. We live in the age of digitalization - everyone has their personal computer in their bag and a wide range of sites, platforms, email clients, etc. on the internet.
15 November 2022
How to become a GIT Guru? The most common mistakes and their solutions
How often does it happen when you have been working on a project for a long time, have already made a bunch of changes, and have almost reached the goal but suddenly something irreversible happens? Maybe you committed the changes to the wrong branch or a merge conflict appeared... Now the panic attack is getting you. Familiar feeling? You are not alone: this is quite a common situation for every developer.
31 October 2022
Salesforce CRM Customization and Managed Package Development
Integrate Salesforce CRM system with several solutions including website, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Ads, Dealhub, and Salesloft to improve customer experience
20 June 2022
Visualize Data On Salesforce with VR CRM solution
Fast decision making has become one of the most important characteristics of successful business managers. Overloaded with tons of information, manages and business owners lack instruments for quick situation overview and easy to use interfaces.
08 August 2019
JET BI among best Salesforce service providers on
Expressing his delight on the occasion, Andrey Bosak, Head of Salesforce Department JET BI, said, “We are happy to see this acknowledgment of the value we create for our clients via services delivered.
24 May 2019

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