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Field Service Lightning

Augmented Reality for Business. FieldXR Project part 3
In the previous articles, the JET BI project, Structure Sensor SDK, and the problem of identifying the scanned object were described. Also, we considered the calculating algorithm of the found 3D model position for displaying in the scanned object coordinates. Today we perform the process of developing the JET BI FieldXR project.
29 March 2021
How to work with the identified 3D objects. FieldXR project part 2
This post is the second article in the series that covers FieldXR app, an extension for Salesforce Field Service with deep visualization functionality.  We have already raised the issue of collecting 3D information about the real world required for the app’s correct operation. In this article, we will highlight the next two pain points: identifying the scanned object and calculating the position of the found 3D model for displaying in the scanned object’s coordinates.
25 March 2021
How to start working with Structure Sensor. FieldXR project part 1
There are lots of Field Service Management solutions nowadays. Field technicians need to collect, analyze information from field and solve the problem in the shortest time possible. The FieldXR project is a brand-new FSL addon that surpasses your expectations, handling the tasks above and providing broad visualization features.
17 March 2021
Field Service Winter 21 update
The Winter ’21 release brought a lot of valuable features to Salesforce. They are related to different parts of the system including Sales and Service Cloud,, Analytics, Mobile, Marketing, and others. New features bring great solutions in enhancing business productivity. 
11 March 2021
Salesforce Field Service implementation and general development
Successful Salesforce Field Service implementation for automated order and billing processes, optimized real-time onsite operations, and replacement of a bundle of outstanding software with Salesforce
02 March 2021
Webinar Field Service Lightning
15 декабря состоялся вебинар на тему  "Salesforce® Field Service Lightning: Автоматизация работы выездных сотрудников". В качестве спикеров выступили Юлия Соломенко, старший менеджер проектов, и Екатерина Русакович, бизнес-аналитик компании JET BI.
16 December 2020

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