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Field Service Lightning

Webinar Field Service Lightning
15 декабря состоялся вебинар на тему  "Salesforce® Field Service Lightning: Автоматизация работы выездных сотрудников". В качестве спикеров выступили Юлия Соломенко, старший менеджер проектов, и Екатерина Русакович, бизнес-аналитик компании JET BI.
16 December 2020
Summer'20 release of Field Service Lightning
Let's recap the Summer'20 released features of Salesforce Field Service Lightning. A small spoiler. We will go into such features as Optimization Insights, Count Work Rule type, and Opportunity to track Team's Expenses. All these features enable your dispatchers and field workforce to provide even more efficient services.
20 July 2020
Introduction to Field Service Lightning
Field Service Lightning is a Salesforce solution designed to meet the specific needs of Field Service businesses (for both B2C&B2B markets), providing service to the customers directly onsite, including Call Center accepting and dispatching orders to field service specialists who use smartphones to manage tasks outside the office.
19 March 2019
Field Service Lightning, Einstein Analytics, Financial Services Cloud
JET BI is always striving to keep up to date with the latest trends. We are happy to introduce new service lines we have launched to provide even more comprehensive customer experience.
18 December 2018
Field Service Lightning implementation and general development
The Company provides Durable Medical Equipment and services to the federal government and commercial customers across New York, Florida and Texas. This provision of services includes home delivery, pick-up, set-up, all types of repairs, evaluations, and medical center visits for discharge planning.
01 February 2018