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Corporate Life

JET BI Group at the meeting with Lviv region governor
The founder of the IT company PEREVAGA TECHNOLOGY, Andrey Bosak, met with the governor of the Lviv region to discuss plans for cooperation with educational institutions to promote innovative technologies among young people.
30 December 2020
New Year's party - a new way to celebrate
The year 2020 has brought many changes to our way of life. The format of the New Year's party for the JET BI team did not stand aside either. On December 19, we all gathered online to look back on the year and discuss goals for the future.
21 December 2020
Summer Party 2020
By the end of July, we have pleased our employees with a summer corporate party on the territory of the excellent camping "Klevoe Mesto".
29 July 2020
2. Coffee Break with Co-founders
Team spirit and clear understanding of the current situation at the company really matter at this uncertain time when employees work remotely and do not have any opportunity to everyday face-to-face communication. 
15 May 2020
Coffee Break with Co-founders
In today's reality, when all employees of the company work remotely and there are not so many opportunities for real communication.
09 April 2020
Customer statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
Together, we are challenged with an unprecedented time that is impacting our families, our businesses, and our communities. At JET BI, we’re committed to being your trusted partner and overcoming it together. During this time, I wanted to reach out to any of you and keep you informed on how we’re approaching the situation at JET BI.
06 April 2020