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JET BI Group: new office and plans for the future
JET BI Group is a group of companies with offices in Western and Central Europe (Dublin, Lviv), the main focus is creating business solutions by using the most innovative technologies based on the leading corporate platforms Salesforce and SAP. JET BI Group develops its own solutions and accelerators, provides services such as Salesforce implementation, custom development, product development, QA, UI/UX design, and strives for its customers’ success. 
01 August 2022
Internship as an effective way to find new employees for the company
Recently, an internship for Junior QA specialists was completed in the QA department at JET BI. That was the first experience in the department and in our opinion really successful, so we want to share our emotions and impressions from that experience in the company.
31 August 2021
The first QA internship is completed in JET BI
Last week, the QA internship at JET BI ended. For 5 weeks 12 selected interns from 170 nominees were trained in the company in the basics of Salesforce and QA. As before, the training was held in an online format, with assignments and meetings with curators.
23 June 2021
JET BI took part in anniversary of CS&N faculty in BSUIR
This year, the CSaN faculty of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics turned 35 years old. As part of the celebration students prepared the "Faculty Week" - a number of events from small competitions in the hall of the academic building floor to a 3-hour performance created by their own efforts and faculty members.
14 May 2021
Salesforce Developer Course was successfully completed
Salesforce Developer course organized by the JET BI team came to a close with the final exam on March 14. The course is aimed for beginners who want to develop in the Salesforce direction.
16 March 2021
Retrospective of the training Power Of Interview. Customer Interview Techniques
Interviewing skills are needed at every stage of a project: testing hypotheses for new products, gathering customer requirements, collecting feedback on the results of a completed project, and many others. These are all critical steps that affect the success of the project itself.
03 March 2021

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