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SOQL and SOSL in Salesforce. The short introduction
SOQL and SOSL are tools to search for records in Salesforce Organization. Both of them have their syntaxes and cases to use. Both of these tools are must-have skills to work on the Salesforce Platform. Because with SOQL and SOSL you can search, monitor, and delete any records on your organization. These possibilities will come in handy on every project
11 October 2022
Postman Tool review: everything you need to know about it
In the last several years API testing has become more and more in demand and Postman is one of the best tools for this purpose which should be up in the sleeves of every QA Engineer
11 October 2022
Field Service Lightning Implementation and Integration project
The client is an Israel-based company that distributes water treatment systems with related products and provides services for their installation and maintenance. During the Salesforce implementation project, the JET BI team set up integrations with proprietary IT systems and performed data migration. 
18 August 2022
How to automate smoke/regress tests with Codeceptjs framework. JET BI’s experience and what came out of it
Almost all projects have manual testing. Therefore, we regularly have to conduct regression testing and smoke testing as well. Within one of the JET BI’s projects, we decided to automate the smoke test. Manual smoke testing took 2 hours. Since it was carried out most often, we decided to start automation on it. Codeceptjs was chosen as the framework, and there were some reasons.
27 August 2021
Final session of QA seminars
On Friday, March 23, we completed the session of QA department seminars at JET BI. The internal process of education has allowed quality engineers to look at the testing process from the outside: to see advantages and disadvantages of the workflow
26 April 2018
How to become an irreplaceable quality engineer
But there are some factors that can complicate this process: previous projects and industry branches; technical knowledge; communication; time; test documentation. 
10 March 2018

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