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2021 VR\AR market future: the big players' vision
The analysts predict the exponential growth of the immersive market. We've collected the key players and significant manufacturers/developers' data to understand the situation better. Dive right in to be equipped with a concise set of facts for you to decide if it is worth investing in AR/VR now.
27 May 2021
Improve your marketing impact with Virtual Reality
Real Estate companies use different channels to advertise properties and face a lot of challenges. It isn't easy to manage diverse data and improve marketing ROI. A Virtual Reality tour is a crucial touchpoint in customer journey management and a tool for putting data to work.
18 May 2021
VR technologies for a Marketing Research
A large international FMCG client needed to assess changes in the goods display in the retail chains.
09 February 2021
Get all VR HARDWARE you need for FREE
Fuel your Real Estate sales with a virtual reality solution and Salesforce integration. If you doubt digital transformation costs, do not miss a chance to get a custom VR solution with all the equipment you need to start a new digital sales channel now. 
04 February 2021
Virtual Reality solution for Real Estate
To design a solution that allows customers to explore a virtual reality property while securing health safety in the COVID-19 pandemic.
12 January 2021
The Oculus Quest 2 review
Oculus Quest 2 will increase VR penetration worldwide and make virtual reality reach every household. It is affordable, user-friendly, and stylish. No surprise the Quest 2 sales take off radically. Every specification of this headset has been improved. The price is the best on the VR market, starting at $299,99. So this device makes a step further to mass-market VR and consumer-friendly hardware. This review outlines the VR JET BI team experience with the Oculus Quest 2.
04 January 2021

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