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Mobile Development

Smart Workspace application by JET BI
It is not a secret that COVID-19 pandemia has made significant influence to human life. Working from home became popular due to safe environment and quarantine limitations. To decrease office expenses a large number of companies prefer to move from huge offices to smaller one and organize on-demand workspaces there.
25 February 2021
Mobile Development
Dream Scheduler
Develop a mobile application for the one of the biggest high-tech events of the year - Dreamforce. Conference annually organized by Salesforce in San Francisco.
22 September 2020
Mobile Development
Doctor Online
Develop a user-friendly application that makes it easy to call a doctor.
05 September 2020
Mobile Development
Warehouse Management
Develop an application that allows to obtain a list of unprocessed Shipping Invoices (TTN) from SAP, select the required one, calculate the positions and upload the received information back to the server.
03 September 2020
Development of a mobile application, which allows employees to unlock creativity and at the same time raise money for giving away to people in need.
02 September 2020
Develop a mobile application that keeps company’s needs up-to-date with all latest market trends, identifies and visualizes the benefits and problems of the business, collects information company needs to know about the competitors and their marketing.
01 September 2020

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