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Systems Integration

Fast way to integrate SAP and Salesforce with JITTERBIT
Jitterbit is an integration platform that allows you to integrate any business processes quickly. In this article, we consider the creating process of connecting operations between SAP and Salesforce in a few steps. For this demonstration, we will use the desktop application named Jitterbit studio. 
25 May 2021
Top 5 Salesforce Integration Tools
Salesforce integration tools help share data kept in CRM with other systems. It means that any person in the organization and even non-Salesforce users can have access to the information. And just like that, it enables a deeper engagement with customers’ needs and requirements.
09 February 2021
How Mulesoft helps companies with Enterprise Data Integration at the age of Industry 4.0?
Constant quick access to the cloud and the on-prem data is an essential ...
04 July 2019
Integrate Salesforce with JIRA: overview and sample integration
More than 125,000 companies use JIRA in their daily work to track processes and workflow. Even more businesses rely on Salesforce system when it comes to customer relationship management.
18 June 2019
Hubspot integration with Salesforce - why and how to?
Marketing and sales are two halves of one pie. Each business strives to make these departments help each other. What is the best way to do so? The answer is simple - generate leads, work with them to close new deals.
23 March 2019
Salesforce® and JIRA® Integration. What to start from?
While working with customers in IT industry, there is a need to integrate various systems. In our case, we faced a challenge of providing customers with the rapid Salesforce® integration with JIRA®
17 January 2019

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