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Salesforce Custom Development

How to pass LWC Superbadge guideline
Passing the Lightning Web Component Super Badge is not the easiest thing you meet in Trailhead. Today we want to briefly discuss some lessons and tips learned from JET BI’s developers from the encounter with this super badge. Let’s start.
01 January 2023
How to manage features on installed packages using Feature Management App
Managed packages installed in orgs contain a lot of metadata that configure the applications' work. If you need to set some settings that are not available to edit by any user after package installation, you can create a new Custom Setting on your packaging org with Protected visibility. This ensures that this custom setting will not be available for manual editing after installing the package on the Salesforce Organisation.
22 December 2022
5 Best features of Salesforce CPQ you need to know
CPQ Salesforce helps to improve the sales process and to increase the speed and effectiveness of selling products to the customer. With product and price rules and easy creation of quotes, the sales process becomes faster and easy to do for sales reps in the company. Let’s review 5 best features of Salesforce CPQ that will help you to improve your business processes.
18 November 2022
How to delete a class from production using Ant Migration Tool on Windows
Let’s imagine a situation when some Apex classes are no longer used in production. In that case, Salesforce recommends removing those classes from production to keep it clean from anything unnecessary. We can do that in a number of ways but that guide is dedicated to the Ant Migration Tool. The Ant Migration Tool is a Java/Ant-based command-line utility for moving metadata between a local directory and a Salesforce Org. For more information on tool usage cases visit the site. This article is aimed to acquaint you with the basics of the Ant Migration Tool and build your first solution to delete custom Apex Class from Salesforce Org.
25 March 2022
5 Best Healthcare Apps. JET BI expert's review
Modern technology, automation, and robotization have dramatically revolutionized our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to perform tasks that previously seemed challenging or inaccessible to machines. 
24 August 2021
JET BI Products. New goals - New journey
It often happens that for a successful result ahead, it is necessary to look back. We are proud that analyzing the work done earlier on JET BI product solutions, we see tremendous efforts and a long list of achievements. Throughout our history, we have developed more than 15 product solutions, some of which are already helping our customers, while the others are successfully resolving our internal needs.
29 July 2021

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