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Salesforce Custom Development

How Custom App Development Can Benefit Your Organization
According to Statistica, worldwide IT spending on enterprise software is expected to grow by 7.2% to $492 billion. With the increase of money being allocated to software development, it’s safe to say that more businesses are seeing the value of enterprise software for scalability.
02 February 2021
Pattern Matching Web Service for image recognition
This blog provides notes about the solution for image recognition. Usability case - upload photos from some source (Instagram, etc.), find some logo in all of these photos and output data sent to salesforce, do some data processing there. The next step is to give this data to the client.
19 January 2021
Solution for KPIs calculation on Salesforce
To increase the overall work productivity, the Jar House company implemented a flexible system of material bonuses that are accrued, depending on how well employees cope with their tasks.
18 January 2021
What you'd like to know about Asynchronous Apex
In this article we explain 4 Asynchronous Apex types definitions and uses with sample code for each use case. Keep reading to find out more.
23 September 2020
How to engage Real Estate customers and shorten the sales cycle?
Buying a property is a tiresome and time-consuming process. Traditional approaches in real estate sales have to be transformed with the emphasis on technological advancements and agile approach. Every interaction with a client has to be customized based on his needs. 
31 August 2020
First "IoT and VR for business" meetup took place
Students and employees of JET BI gathered to talk about the application of IoT and VR technologies on the example of real cases.
20 February 2019