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Salesforce Implementation

How to schedule Flow Monthly in Salesforce
Sometimes managers need to schedule Salesforce flows on monthly basis to review existing processes in the enterprise and create business strategies for the future. Unfortunately, for now, there is a limitation in Salesforce, you can schedule a Flow only once, daily or weekly. Often business needs are focused on the long-term perspective so the task to schedule Salesforce Flow monthly appears quite often. Have your admins ever wondered how to do it?
19 March 2021
How to choose a Salesforce Implementation Partner
Choosing a Salesforce implementation partner is always a complex process and a crucial part of any project. Many companies don’t pay enough attention to this issue and result in unexpected and disappointing situations. Businesses have to deal with a big number of partners without the necessary knowledge and expertise. 
04 March 2021
What you'd like to know about Asynchronous Apex
In this article we explain 4 Asynchronous Apex types definitions and uses with sample code for each use case. Keep reading to find out more.
23 September 2020
Virtual reality CRM for Real Estate
One of the compelling reasons why to shift to VR in Real Estate is that realtors have more time to work with buyers who have already found the property they like. Our new post provides insights into the co-op of CRM and VR technologies in the Real Estate business.
16 July 2020
Implementation of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack for Belarus RedCross
Late July JET BI joint with the Belarus Red Cross started a new project on implementation and further support of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.
06 November 2019 to power up fundraising with Salesforce NPSP
Minsk, Belarus - JET BI LLC is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with the Belarus Red Cross on implementation and further support of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. 
23 July 2019