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Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Summer ‘2022 Release: new worthwhile features in Sales and Service Clouds
Salesforce Summer '2022 Release has got many features in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. They cover sales, onboarding, and operations in the service-based organization as well as a trove of forecasting features. Several features seem to be the most relevant for process automation, improvement of customer service, and increased collaboration between teams. They can minimize the use of time and enhance efficiency. Let’s have a closer look at some of them.
13 July 2022
Service Cloud for beginners. Short guideline by JET BI
Service Cloud is the best product to provide better customer service, give the proper information and support they need. It refers to the module “Service” in Salesforce. So if you sell products, customers will need your support. It can be any type: giving information about the product, solving the problems that they have with the product, or selling related products. Service Cloud is a CRM platform that automates service processes for business needs and it is built on a SaaS model.
20 January 2022
Service Cloud Audit & Concierge Implementation
The client’s case, featuring Concierge implementation is a great example of a project where a very demanding customer wants a ready solution to be tailored to meet their needs. This is a stress test for the application against its reliability and flexibility at the same time.
29 October 2021
Successful Sync of SharePoint and Salesforce
Successful adaptation of the Cadalys Concierge federated search solution to expose the SharePoint database to Salesforce users.
16 September 2021
10 Reasons to choose Salesforce as CRM for a Startup
Great news - you have launched a startup, developed new innovative product and attracted investments! Well done! But it is just the beginning.
17 May 2019
Let's talk about the Salesforce Summer '18 Release
Salesforce has rolled out many interesting new features in Salesforce Summer’18 Release, especially for developers.
25 June 2018

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