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Parking Management

Parking Cloud Administrator Dashboard on Tableau
With the use of Tableau we have enhanced the Parking Automation solution by JET BI, Parking Cloud. This report presents the generic concept of using an extended dashboard for Parking Administrators, which allows assessing the current parking lots situation in the city with a single glance.
12 October 2020
How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Affecting Parking
Parking management is an integral part of public services ensuring road safety and access to goods and services. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is becoming even more important because of people’s propensity to prefer
06 June 2020
Parking Cloud for Bicycles? Why not!
On the way to Dreamforce we see demand for JET BI Parking Cloud smart parking with the native Salesforce cloud solution powered by the cutting-edge IoT infrastructure. 
04 October 2019
Parking Cloud: comfortable city navigation
Constant lack of free parking spaces? Are you fed up with spending valuable time circling around and looking for a parking lot? Parking Cloud is the next-gen solution created especially for you!
04 August 2019
It is all about parking - Cloud-based solution by JET BI
The world becomes more and more fast and busy. Obviously, looking for a free parking space is not a favorite pastime of car drivers.
13 June 2019
Parking of the Future is Here
People in large cities spend a lot of time searching for a parking space. According to the parking survey, the citizens of New York spend 110 hours per year trying to park their cars
14 March 2019

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