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Marketing Cloud

Main features of Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud helps marketers understand their customers, engage with them and track their journeys. Whether it can be a post, link, quote, or content engagement - Marketing Сloud sheds light on customer's profile for a better understanding of behavioral and demographic details which help turn interactions into sales. 
23 February 2021
Customer 360: All you wanted to know about your client
​​​​​​​Companies have access to more data about their customers than ever before, and consumers are willing to give brands greater access to this data in return for a better customer experience.
09 December 2020
Marketing Cloud Connect: How to successfully integrate Salesforce CRM with Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud Connect enables integration between Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud ...
05 July 2020
Marketing Cloud Spring Release Notes 2020
The latest Marketing Cloud release is live! We have put together all the main changes and updates you should be aware of. Here is our shortlist.
16 April 2020
How Beauty Industry Giants succeed in the Orchestration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tools
In this article, we would like to talk about how Marketing Cloud helps ...
13 March 2020
Salesforce Customer 360: new and upcoming features overview
At the age of digital transformation and customer-centric marketing approach customers expect businesses to deliver connected experiences across all communication channels and touch points with the brand.
17 February 2020

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