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Pardot Exam Specialist preparation short guideline
After getting a Certificate of Pardot Specialist our Marketing Cloud specialist decided to share knowledge and experience in exam preparation with you. Hope this information will be useful for those who are planning to get the Certification too.
05 January 2023
Pardot as a powerful tool to qualify your leads
Searching for new business opportunities takes time and resources. Sales teams get a large number of leads that they are emailing or calling to see if these leads have a real interest in the product. Sometimes they spend hours talking to prospects before understanding that they don't have the potential to become an opportunity any time soon.
29 December 2022
Marketing Cloud® - what's new? Short digest of Summer '22 Release
Marketing Cloud® Summer '22 joyed us with some top-end features which are already should be available in your MC instance. Let us guide you through the upcoming features and changes.
15 July 2022
How to insert a picture into the background of a block in 8 steps
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder allows significantly speed up email creation processes within an organization. There is no need to code every email as the standard drag-and-drop functionality provides predefined templates and blocks to create a new email with no code. However, there are some limitations in this standard tool, and in this article, I will be guiding you on how to create an image as a background.
23 February 2022
Order Management Optimization With Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Our client is a big printing company, providing services on the domestic market, and boasting a homegrown system for managing contracts and deals.
29 October 2021
Main features of Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud helps marketers understand their customers, engage with them and track their journeys. Whether it can be a post, link, quote, or content engagement - Marketing Сloud sheds light on customer's profile for a better understanding of behavioral and demographic details which help turn interactions into sales. 
23 February 2021

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