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JET BI Best Practices

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Our experience for your solution

Thanks to our rich experience in developing SCP solutions, we have our own system and well-organized processes for developing cloud applications and services. We deliver a large number of developments that reduce the time, as well as the number of modules that can be implemented right into your solution. We are sure that these modules are in demand in any modern cloud solution and they can become part of your product to extend its functionality

Best Practice and ready-made developments from JET BI

  •   Управление данными – SAP Data Hub

    When working on your solution, we provide or deploy custom cloud or onPremise environments 

    An environment is a system in which software is deployed and executed. For different environments, we create users with the necessary access rights and authority to implement security and data isolation.
    We organize our work as follows:
    Development Environment: software development, new functionality, bug fixes. Access to this environment is usually given to developers.
    QA (Testing) Environment: after Development, changes to the backend and frontend are transferred to the QA environment, where quality assurance specialists together with the customer's team carry out the acceptance testing process, fix the necessary errors and comments. If necessary, bug fix tickets are created to be fixed in the development environment.
    Productive environment is an environment that is available to end-users . Developments are transferred to this environment only after successful testing in the QA environment

  •  Set up SAP Platform ecosystem

    Automation of backend development

    In the process of developing the backend part, we use our own know-how which significantly automates and speeds up this process. The design of the data model is based on the architecture that allows the use of language-dependent data storage, supports versioning of changes, commits the date/time and the author of the creation/modification of data. All objects can contain a technical key for storing foreign keys from other systems to facilitate integration with them. Our data model also contains a technical field (analogous to a client in SAP systems) in all objects which allows you to isolate data between different instances, the model also has a built-in role model that allows you to delimit access to data for different users or groups. All of these capabilities will be especially useful when cloud-based using this architecture in both B2B and B2C models. Business logic is generated based on already pre-configured and tested templates, this allows you to reduce the number of errors and decrease the time for testing and implementation

  • master data directories

    Manager of master data directories  

    Master data are directories containing relatively rarely changing data.
    We have developed a ready-made solution that enables you to conveniently manage all the necessary master data for your solution. This module can add new sections of directories without changing the SAPUI5 application itself. The following functions are implemented in all the directories: adding, editing, deactivating and deleting, storing data, and implementing detailed logging of user actions to change them. It is possible to customize data update in the directory through integrations with other SAP systems

  • SAP HANA back-end development

    Logging user actions to change and view data

    All user actions can be recorded in a special log at the level of business logic. An extra application has been developed to view changes, user actions, navigation or filtering. The application allows you to view information about certain actions (who, when, towards which objects performed).
    Thus, you control changes in data in the system and get analytics about the use of certain modules of your SCP solution to correctly determine the further development of the system

  •  Roles and Permissions set up

    Interlock system

    This feature is also incorporated into the architecture of the solution and makes it possible to exclude the fact of simultaneous editing of the same data by different users. This mechanism allows you to notify and prevent the simultaneous change of data not at time of saving the change, but at the stage of initiating a change event, displaying which user and how long has been working with data. There is also a feature to set and clear manual locks for an extended period of time

  •  1

    Feedback and commenting unit

    A ready-made module designed for team discussions, commenting within an application or a separate system object.
    The module allows you to leave comments, discuss, respond to teammates, give kudos, etc. The module is implemented according to the universal principle, can be embedded in any place of the application and connected to any system object. Build effective communication to quickly resolve emerging issues

  •  AppExchange для бизнеса

    Integration with file storage

    We have developed a module for storing documents and attachments; it can be easily integrated into any SAPUI5 application. The module supports storing files in folders (the number of levels is not limited), differentiates the access to files and folders, enables usage of links to external files. The module can be used for setting limits at the application or user level by the number of files or the total size of files. A number of reports has been developed. These reports allow view and analyze the volume of used file storage depending on modules, applications, users. You can choose the basis and cloud service used for the module: AmazonS3, GoogleDrive (in the future, refinement and integration with other cloud services OneDrive, etc.)

  •  Integration


    We offer a wide range of prebuilt scripts or developments for integration with the following systems or services: SAP ERP, SAP PI, SAP BW, Salesforce, Jira, Google, Amazon, financial web services. SAP ALE, IDOC, RESTAPI, ODATA, SOAP protocols

  •  Инструменты Salesforce для email-маркетинга

    Notification system

    The architecture of our solution includes a system that allows you to send notifications by email. Also the integration with messengers, social networks can be set up.
    This module supports the development and customization of templates for notifications, the use of your own color styles, company brand book

We have available resources to start working on your project within 5 business days

2 Senior Developers

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2 QA engineers

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Advantages of SAP Cloud Platform Product development

Quick result, low cost

Our unique approach and insights enable us to provide long-lasting and efficient solutions as quick as possible

Two-fold architecture

Our development cycle is pretty short because we  work only on front-end and back-end parts. Such architecture decreases the time spent on development and testing, the running speed of the ready solution is higher

Cutting-edge applications

You get high-productive Single One Page business applications with a user-friendly interface optimized to mobile devices

Processes automated with external users and systems

Cloud-based solutions enable easy and convenient automation of processes related to external systems and users (e.g. contractors, partners, end-users)

Integration with other SAP systems

Should your company use other SAP solutions, the usage of cloud technologies makes the integration with SCP quick and easy

We support you on each step of product development journey

Industry expertise

  • 1Retail
  • 3Manufacturing
  • 5Fashion
  • 7Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • 2Financial Services
  • 4High Tech
  • 6Professional Services
  • 8Nonprofits

Quick ramp-up

Hire certified developers and consultants in a quick and easy way. We can start working on your project in 2 days including contract signing

Transparent processes

We use the highest corporate security standards including infrastructure, background checks, information security, and intellectual property handling. We also sign NDAs

Focus on Business Value

Every project is coached by one of the co-founders, businessmen with deep technical experience

Frameworks diversity

We work both with numerous solutions by SAP and offer solutions of integration with Salesforce® platform.

Budget-friendly package

We offer our clients attractive pricing for JET BI products licenses and implementation

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with JET BI

Our key services consist of projects on Salesforce and SAP platforms. Therefore, we know all the features of each of these systems and can offer you the best solution, taking into account your business needs budget and deadlines for a MVP

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