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SAP integration with Salesforce

Best of both worlds

SAP is one of the leading providers of enterprise software worldwide.Many large companies around the world choose SAP to deliver the right information at the right time. Complex automated solutions for business management and corporate reporting help create a single space within the company. The possibility of merging with third-party solutions can be considered an important advantage of SAP ERP. Such integration options increase the work efficiency and help automate many business processes. But in order to achieve the desired result, you need to be sure that the integration process is properly done and all systems work as planned.

The most popular scenario for SAP integration is integration with an intracorporate CRM system. For several years now, Salesforce has been leading the world CRM market. Therefore, the issue of integrating these two platforms is relevant for leading companies seeking to use the best solutions for business automation in finance, human capital management, manufacturing, sales, and supply chain.


Advantages of SAP integration with Salesforce:

  • Efficient use of the best CRM & Marketing, ERP, and BI solutions;
  • Ability to leverage existing software implementation in case of companies' merge or consolidation;
  • Ability to diversify software across several vendors to reduce technology risks;


Why JET BI? 

Our key services consist of projects on Salesforce and SAP platforms. Therefore, we know all the features of each of these systems and can offer you the best option for their integration, taking into account your unique needs:

  • Great experience in developing integration solutions for Salesforce and SAP, both separately and with each other
  • Experienced technical architects with specialization in integration solutions for SAP and Salesforce
  • Ready-made components and templates that can be reused on new projects allow us the implementation of integration solutions in the shortest possible time
  • Dedicated QA department with experience in preparation and implementation of integration testing
  • JET BI consultants and developers have deep industry expertise and experience of integration with various software products that allow us to develop the most effective solutions depending on the business specifics.


Integration challenges:

  • The main challenge when integrating both systems is the fact that SAP ERP is an on-premise software when Salesforce is a cloud solution;
  • One of the essential requirements for basic integration between these two systems is synchronizing account and contact data from SAP to Salesforce;
  • Salesforce users generate quotes using products and price book information that should be linked with corresponding opportunities in Salesforce. At the same time, info about products and pricing information is run in SAP and needs to be synchronized with Salesforce;
  • The need to process opportunities in Salesforce till order and execution in SAP should be considered as well;
  • Relevant data, such as related order history and the current financial status, needs to be accessible in real time to the Salesforce user. 


Possible integration options

Both SAP and Salesforce being mature products provide extensive tools and techniques for integration with other software solutions, including pre-built for specific products or integration interfaces based on universal widely used protocols (e.g. SOAP, OData, REST).


Integration scenario: 

  1. Single Sign-On: SAML-based, OAuth, integration with Microsoft Active Directory, OneLogin, etc.
  2. UI components integration: Canvas App, Portal iViews: integrate UI components of Salesforce or SAP into each other
  3. Lightning Connect: read\write access to SAP data via OData interface, JDBC Connector for Salesforce
  4. 3rd Party integration solutions: SGC Software, SKYVVA
  5. ETL (Pentaho, Boomi, Pervasive, JItterbit)
  6. Enterprise Service Bus (e.g. SAP Process Integration, Oracle SOA Suite)
  7. Native Custom development based on Salesforce REST\SOAP API, Stream API and SAP OData Services, SAP RFC
  8. Custom development on 3rd party technologies using SDKs (Java, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.) and(or) messaging services (e.g. Amazon SQS\SNS).

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