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Custom integration solutions

In some cases usage of SAP Process Integration or other standard tools and interfaces for systems integration is difficult or completely ineffective in terms of the investment return (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). In this cases usage of development tools and APIs, available for most of the SAP products (like SAP NetWeaver, SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, etc.) might be very efficient.

5 examples, when custom integration solution might be quick and efficient:

  1. You are an ISV, whose app needs integration with SAP ERP for one of the big clients. This integration is crucial for your product implementation success for this specific customer but it is out of the scope of our product roadmap for the next year. You need the solution ASAP
  2. You need to integrate 3rd party Windows app which runs on the user's PC. Standard approaches don't work but the integration can increase user productivity and save up to 3-4 hours per day
  3. Integration scenario assumes large data volumes uploading into SAP ERP system on the hourly basis. SAP PI sizing shows, that cost of servers and licenses will be 10x times higher, than potential benefits from the integration.
  4. You need to integrate existing mobile app with SAP. Mobile app developer requires simple REST-service to receive the data in c. Existing Web services are too complicated, 99% of the parameters will not be used. Moreover, you need to call 3-4 services in a sequence. Total complexity of the scenario is too high for the mobile developer to implement
  5. SAP PI is planned for implementation for the next year, but you need 2 integration scenarios to be implemented tomorrow (if not yesterday) because they are crucial for your business. You need to find a solution

JET BI has expertise in integrating solutions, based on different technologies and platforms (including .Net, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, C++, iOS, etc.) with SAP products. 

  • You KNOW, that integration will give a boost to your employees' productivity, data quality, and business efficiency?
  • You DON'T KNOW, if it is possible, how to do it in an optimal way?
  • You DON'T WANT to loose a huge amount of money and time?



  • Make your dreams come true

  • Build a team of professionals

  • Believe in the solution existence

  • Feel the insight

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We develop and implement business intelligence solutions based on SAP BO/BW platform. We also provide the full cycle of Salesforce consulting: Salesforce implementation and customization, support, and ISV solutions. Mobile Development Department focuses on business solutions for iOS and Android. 

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