The course "Become Salesforce Consultant": We came to the end | JET BI

The course "Become Salesforce Consultant": We came to the end

April 14, We are glad to announce that seven people successfully completed the course "Become Salesforce Consultant" organized by JET BI and got corresponding certificates.

Launched for those who want to apply theoretical knowledge into practical experience and become an in-demand Salesforce Consultant, this course became a real success by attendees. More than 20 students dived into the heavy course program. The structure of the lessons foresaw theoretical material as well as lots of practical assignments (trailheads selected according to the lesson topic and the final test covering all the program). To pass the final exam students should hold a presentation with the results of the final practical assignment.

During the course JET BI Project Managers and Consultants covered such topics as Introduction to Salesforce, Salesforce Carrier, Salesforce implementation project and consultant' responsibilities on each stage the project, Business analysis, Salesforce basics, Details to Salesforce Clouds (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Health Cloud, Financial Service Cloud).

Due to the pandemic situation, the course was fully held online. We made the most of all communication channels to deliver the best experience possible. So, our typical lesson looked something like this.

We are keen to share our lectures' feedback on this intake.


It is a great pleasure to share your own theoretical knowledge and practical experience with students that are so interested in the topic as our course participants. Definitely, after the course, they have a picture of what is beyond the words Salesforce Consultant and can better navigate in Salesforce ecosystem as well as in IT Consulting generally.

 Julia Solomenko - JET BI Business Analysis Practice Lead


I am glad that JET BI managed to launch courses in such a demanded specialization. The material given by the lecturers is very valuable, elaborated. We received many applications from potential participants and more than half of them reached the end of the course. This is a great result.

Personally, I was very pleased to give lectures, receive many questions from the audience and see that all the homework that was given, the audience carried out. They were in good shape throughout the course!

Ekaterina Rusakovich, JET BI Project Manager, Certified Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud Consultant


This has been our pilot class for Salesforce consultants and I am so flattered by the interest we received. We had a short time frame and a lot to cover but I do believe that collectively with the team of JET BI consultants we have laid the foundation for our students' sustainable growth in their Salesforce career.

Maria Liferova, JET BI Project Manager, Certified Service Cloud Consultant


The most initiative and hard-working students got a chance to join JET BI as team members and build a career of Salesforce Consultants. 

Students with the highest trailhead assignment score and the students with maximum engagement during the lessons got a special prize. A book that will help them accomplish the business correspondence

We have asked some of the attendees to share their experience of the whole course, including the program, lecturers, approach to training, etc. We were pleased to receive positive feedback from our students.


Many thanks to all your team for such a very, very useful course and for the great program presentation.

Ksenya Ovchynnikova


A great thank you to your team for the super-lessons. You all are really skilled experts and passionate people. It was a great pleasure to attend each lesson.

Yana Pechnikova


Wrapping up we would like to highlight the relevance and efficiency of courses like this. Definitely, we will keep doing. Follow us on social media to stay up to date and learn more about new course announcements. 


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