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Transforming IT Service Management With Cadalys Concierge

Introducing a one-place-to-go for support requests, handled as cases, calls, and chats

Published by jetbi2
29 October 2021


Our client is a global enterprise-level Salesforce company, actively fostering digital transformations across all their business units. Cadalys Concierge solution has played a central role in transforming IT service management and HR processes by introducing a one-place-to-go for all kinds of knowledge as well as a single entry point for support requests, handled as cases, calls, chats, and more.


Implementation of Knowledge and Case management is a common Salesforce scenario, as about 90% of Salesforce customers are Sales or Service Cloud users. However, when it comes to global enterprise companies, there are certain implications that can make this process a challenge. Just imagine, you have to deal with 60K+ users which is not an easy task for administrators. Plus, there is multi-language support that the app should be able to provide, while the knowledge base is one of the most affected areas of multiple languages and locations. And to top it all, there is a huge enterprise Salesforce organization that you are working with. This means that any change you introduce has to be taken through multiple approvals and testing cycles to ensure it doesn’t affect existing processes.


Cadalys Concierge package is the heart of the solution here. It provides a single, branded, easy-to-use tool to search for knowledge, request support assistance, and track the status of your requests. In order to surface the correct knowledge to the correct regions and languages, the core search engine has been updated locally, using extension classes to account for specific user parameters. For example, while searching articles on company insurance, users in Italy should be able to see only articles applicable to their region. Another level of complexity is added by the article languages. In most cases, users should be able to see global content in English as well as in their native language. Standard Salesforce knowledge base only allows you to search content in your language. It takes implementing significant changes and tuning on the search engine to meet the client’s needs. Additional service channels were also introduced to the application. For example, the Related Support Questions were originally handled by a third-party system, and part of the task was to keep it that way. To achieve that, seamless integration was implemented, so that end-users could still have Concierge as a single go-to tool while the back-end is still able to work with a third-party tool.

Infrastructure Specifics

In view of the organization’s size and complexity, an enterprise-level project like this is a real trial for the DEV and QA teams, as every needed action has to undergo a set of approvals, procedures, and confirmations. This gave JET BI team a great opportunity to practice cross-team communication and collaboration, as well as to test our ability to cope with the high tension of pressing timelines.

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