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Solution for KPIs calculation on Salesforce

A solution that enables easy bonuses and KPIs calculation captured in Salesforce Reports

Published by admin
18 January 2021

Project description


The Jar House company is a forward-thinking, non-traditional real estate brokerage based in the US. The process of selling real estate involves employees from different departments who carry out their specific tasks. The effectiveness of the entire sales process is composed of the effectiveness of each employee involved in the process. To increase the overall work productivity, the Jar House company implemented a flexible system of material bonuses that are accrued, depending on how well employees cope with their tasks. Employee’s performance has been captured in Salesforce Reports. And bonuses, initially calculated using linear interpolation formulas and a special table in Excel, were manually transferred to an Excel spreadsheet. Linear interpolation formulas in Excel have calculated the final value of material bonuses for each employee.


  • Necessary to create an application for Salesforce that will automatically calculate the number of bonuses that should be accrued to each employee, depending on the results obtained in Salesforce Reports;
  • Avoid human mistakes risks when working with both systems: Salesforce and Excel;
  • Automate the calculation process and decrease the time required for calculations;
  • A transparent system of calculation with easy to set up access rights and permissions.

Project scope

An application has been developed that uses Reporting Snapshot to download employee KPI values ​​from Salesforce Reports. The uploaded value is calculated based on special scales, linear interpolation formulas, calculation formulas, and benchmark formulas. The application allows you to independently enter metrics for which bonuses are awarded. The application allows, if necessary, to manually edit the values ​​of accrued bonuses for employees. The application can calculate bonuses both by pressing a special key and on a predetermined date.


  • Jar House has received a flexible application that allows you to define material bonuses for employees without using third-party applications and services;
  • The process of calculating bonuses has become automated and does not require much time for constant manual work.
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