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Service Cloud Audit & Concierge Implementation

Tailoring Concierge to meet the needs of our client

Published by jetbi2
29 October 2021


The client’s case, featuring Concierge implementation is a great example of a project where a very demanding customer wants a ready solution to be tailored to meet their needs. This is a stress test for the application against its reliability and flexibility at the same time.


Clients' Salesforce organization was mature enough, featuring a knowledge base, and the HR service management was introduced to the audience already. This inflicted quite specific requirements to the application - it had to be tailored to meet the corporate branding requirements and specific processes.


The project kicked off with a basic Concierge implementation, ensuring that the basic setup is done and the training sessions for Admins responsible for further maintenance are taken care of. The second step was a Service Cloud audit that revealed some nonoptimal solutions and provided more insights into the company’s case. Development wise Concierge logic was extended using overriding functionality to introduce a different model of Article actions assignment. Instead of a 3-level hierarchy of actions setup that is available out of the box, there was created a 5-level hierarchy.

The navigation panel also was overridden with local styles to meet the design requirements. Declarative workflows specifically allowed to adjust and improve Knowledge Management to ensure that KCS methodology is followed. As for the knowledge management, the product was also customized to meet the specific requirements of different support teams, in particular, case fields pre-population. In addition, automated routing was developed.


This project is a good example of the benefits of a wise combination of ready-made AppExchnage solutions, declarative power, and reasonable coding to set up effective business processes in a multinational environment.

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