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SCP solution for transport and logistics companies

The solution includes a number of SAPUI5 applications designed to automate
transport and logistics processes and a block of analytical reports

Published by SAP
09 February 2021

Project background

  • Existing processes and relationships with city cleaning contractors are not transparent;
  • The need to reduce the cost of transport and logistics work (cleaning work in the city - as a particular case of using the solution);
  • The need to automate the planning of transport works and create a single solution for use in public utilities, the municipality, as well as city residents. 

Project objectives

  • Control the process of snow removal by contractors;
  • Optimize transport and logistics work; 
  • Reduce the cost of city cleaning;
  • Create a single solution that can be used by public utilities (private companies) and residents of the city as well as by the municipality.


The solution includes a number of SAPUI5 applications designed to automate transport and logistics processes and a block of analytical reports. 

The solution allows:

  • Organize and control transport work in real-time;
  • Plan routes in manual and automatic mode;
  • Monitor the use of the fleet;
  • Carry out personnel management;
  • Get an in-depth business analysis in the context of logistics, production, finance, sales. The analysis allows you to track the performance of the company that provides cleaning services.

Solution possibilities

FleetBI modules have been developed for the following user groups:

  1. City municipality;
  2. Public utilities:
    - Dispatcher;
    - Driver;
  3. City residents.

Municipality Features

  • Online monitoring of the situation and the current status of work in the city;
  • Detailed analysis, statistics, comparison of the quality of the work performed in the context of contractors, districts, routes, distances covered, periods, types of equipment, costs for a particular technique and for a certain amount of work.


monitoring-routes and reports
Dispatcher Features

  • Manages the work of drivers and technicians;
  • Assigns a task to the team;
  • Indicates cleaning routes and geofences;
  • Monitors and controls the work of drivers online;
  • Communication with the driver in chat.



Driver Features

  • Receives admission from a medical worker before starting work;
  • Receives technical permit from a mechanic;
  • A list of current tasks is available on a mobile device;
  • Time tagging for each cleaning route;
  • Communicates with the dispatcher in the chat;
  • Indicates incorrectly parked cars on the map.


Citizen Features

  • City portal with forum and feedback;
  • Ability to leave requests and comments about the work of utilities;
  • Ability to attach photos and geotagging to the requests.

Additional system features

  • Notifications and alarms;
  • Control of geofences;
  • Fuel consumption/theft;
  • Reading data from CAN bus;
  • Building routes;
  • Flexible reporting and analytics.

Advantages of FleetBI solution

  • Completely transparent city cleaning process;
  • Monitoring the status of work performed online;
  • Reduced costs of cleaning the city;
  • Feedback from residents;
  • A solution of traffic jams problem;
  • Reduction of emissions into the atmosphere.

Advantages of JET BI 

  • Unique technical expertise and experience in Business Intelligence tools;
  • High-quality thanks to the efficient QA processes and the transparent handling of bugs enhancement applications;
  • Bureaucracy minimum
  • Adjustment to the client`s internal processes, challenges implementation with regard of the specific of the business processes;
  • High level of employees’ motivation.
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  • 1 Senior Back-End developer (HANA SQL, OData)
  • 2 Senior Front-End developers (SAP UI5)
  • Project manager
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAPUI5/Fiori
  • SAP Portal
  • OData Services
  • XSJS Back-End Development
  • 3 months
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