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Salesforce Customization for Mortgage Servicing Company

Identifying a fresh approach, eliminating organizational pain spots, and made use of the features available with Salesforce Sales and Experience Cloud licenses

Published by jetbi
01 March 2023

Project Description

A client of JET BI previously used Salesforce Sales Cloud to handle lead submissions and customer information. The client is a US-based business that offers mortgage financing services to investors and consumers. The sales and account management team found it challenging to refer to customer information and any terms that were presented during earlier client encounters because this strategy was far from the all-inclusive solution that the organization required.

Project Challenges:

  • A flexible application is required to assist business activities rather than subjecting them to the system as a victim;
  • Enhancements to the engagement/transaction pipeline's overall UI/UX;
  • Coordination of activities across several teams within the company;
  • Automating the processes for managing and submitting documents; Automating the computations for loan commissions;
  • Providing customers with real-time updates, access to their loan information, and openness regarding the status of their application;
  • Development of more individualised marketing and social interaction.


Project Scope:

JET BI carried out an end-to-end business process evaluation in collaboration with important stakeholders. Together, the Team identified a fresh approach, eliminated organisational pain spots, and made use of the features available with Salesforce Sales and Experience Cloud licenses. The JET BI Architecture Team conducted a thorough evaluation before developing a transformative roadmap to make the most of the Client's Salesforce investment, maintain security, and adhere to corporate compliance:

  • Sales Cloud Reconfiguration and Customization;
  • Integration with CongaComposer and CongaSign;
  • Experience Cloud portal for customers;
  • Declarative development (Flows, Approval Processes, Email Templates);
  • Custom development (APEX Batch, APEX triggers, Visualforce pages, Custom LWC);
  • Pardot Implementation.


Project Results 

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud customization allows centralized management of all business processes - from application submission all the way through to funding approval. Management can now see the status of any deal and sales funnel generally; 
  • Document Checklist Component (Lightning Web Component) provides a simple way to collect the required documents from the customers, track the application submission progress, manage file uploads and approvals;



  • Loan Commission Calculator (Lightning Web Component) enables automatic calculation of commission, fees, rebates and net income based on loan data;



  • Integration and with CongaComposer and CongaSign allows creation of accurate digital documents using pre-built or customized templates automatically populated with data from Salesforce as well as their sending for signature; 
  • Experience Cloud-based portal allowed simplifying loan application process, tracking of real-time updates, communication between Cleint’s teams and their customers. From now on, customers can submit loan application documents through a customer portal. They can also track the loan application progress as well as communicate with their account manager on the deal status;




  • Pardot integration helped send out newsletters and organize data around a common view of leads and simplify the lead qualification process, giving personalization in sales.
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  • 1 Salesforce Certified Consultant
  • 1 Salesforce Certified Developer
  • 1 ISTBQ Certified QA Specialist
  • APEX
  • Experience Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • 3 months
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