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Salesforce Custom Development for a consulting company

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03 March 2018
Professional Services

Project description 

The main goal of the project was to automate the current Salesforce Sales Cloud account, current business-processes where 95% of Leads are received from the website for the customers that provided ITSM and Help Desk solutions. The client used the Salesforce Classic Instance. It was necessary to solve the problem of manual processing of leads, improve integration with different systems and also improve the quality of services performed.

Goals and tasks 

  • Automatically convert new and existing Cold and Hot Leads to Accounts and Contacts with the use of custom logic and to implement the Qualification Process on Account Level;
  • Cope with the challenges of manual data processing;
  • Design detailed test documentation;
  • Participate in working sessions with end clients for resolving issues.

Project scope 

  • Implementation of the Qualification Process on Account Level;
  • Lead to Account matching and Lead to Account/Contact auto- conversion;
  • Use custom logic to log conversion and qualification processes;
  • Adjusting of the Round Robin Process;
  • Set up basic security and organization configuration – profiles, security settings and permission sets, field-level security, sharing rules;
  • Custom logic implementation to log detailed information about processes of conversion and qualification;
  • Close communication with the Customer in order to understand business processes and requirements for Salesforce set up and customization;
  • Requirements analysis and blueprint preparation;
  • Configuration and custom development according to business requirements.


  • Implemented the Lead to Account matching and Lead to Account/Contact auto- conversion processes, as a result, the problem with manual processing the lead was resolved;
  • Custom Email Notifications were implemented to have the ability to track exceptions and improve the quality of services performed;
  • Implemented the Qualification Process on Account Level, as a result, the quality of performed services has been improved;
  • Set up Security settings;
  • Fully described test documentation;
  • Prepared Blueprint after requirements analyzing.

Advantages of JET BI 

  • Unique technical expertise and experience in the area of Salesforce solutions development;
  • High quality thanks to the efficient QA processes and the transparent handling of bugs enhancement applications;
  • Bureaucracy minimum;
  • High level of employee motivation.
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