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Salesforce CRM Customization and Managed Package Development

Integrate Salesforce CRM system with several solutions including website, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Ads, Dealhub, and Salesloft to improve customer experience

Published by jetbi
20 June 2022

Project description 

Client, a company providing a real-time dynamic platform that offers certain, objective, and relevant information, is going to integrate the Salesforce CRM system with several solutions including their website, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Ads, Dealhub, and Salesloft to improve customer experience. Additionally, the client requested to create a package with a custom application in order to share the website’s tracking information with the company's clients via API. 

Goals and tasks:

  • Set up configuration in Skyvia for sending data from MySQL website database to Salesforce (Leads, Accounts, custom objects);
  • Set up the synchronization process of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesforce CRM;
  • Set up the synchronization process of Google Ads and Salesforce CRM;
  • Set up the integration of Dealhub with Salesforce CRM;
  • Install and configure the Salesloft Insight package to display information on Salesforce dashboards;
  • Design a solution and develop a managed package with an algorithm that retrieves the data from the client’s database and populates the SalesCloud custom objects and reports with analytics based on the activities of registered users on the website.


Project Scope

JET BI team performed consulting and custom development services including:

  • Requirements analysis and blueprint preparation;
  • Salesforce CRM (Enterprise Edition) setup for 50+ Salesforce users;
  • Data migration from MySQL database, Salesloft, LinkedIn, and the current CRM;
  • Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Ads, DealHub, Salesloft, Wootric;
  • Custom development (APEX Batch, APEX triggers, Visualforce pages, Custom Lightning components);
  • Declarative development (Workflow rules, Processes, Flows, Email Templates);
  • Manage Package development;
  • Training sessions on developed functionality for client`s employees;
  • Ongoing maintenance and support services.



  1. The implemented solution made it possible to scale the company's business processes in the face of the rapid growth of the client base.
  2. Overall staff efficiency increased.
  3. Company website and Salesforce CRM integration set up: Skyvia configuration to send transformed data from MySQL database to Salesforce CRM.
  4. The synchronization process of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesforce CRM set up:
  • Data model setup and Salesforce customization.
  • The development includes sending requests to get Campaigns data, creating/updating campaigns records as well as data aggregation to display it on the Opportunity details page.
  • Creating Custom Metadata type for storing tokens.
  • Creating Batch to get information from LinkedIn Campaign by Id and update record in SF.
  • Unit tests, and integration testing (including verification of the impact on Google Ads Campaigns functionality).
  • Deployment to Production, setup, and verification in Production (including UAT support). 
  1. Synchronization process completed between Google Ads and Salesforce CRM to get the following parameters:
  • Total impressions as a sum of impressions from all the Google and LinkedIn Campaign IDs.
  • Total clicks as a sum of clicks from all the Google and LinkedIn Campaign IDs.
  • Total cost as a sum of cost from all the Google and LinkedIn Campaign IDs.
  • Total conversion is a sum of post-click conversion from all the Google and LinkedIn Campaign IDs.
  1. Integration between DealHub and Salesforce CRM setup:
  • Dealhub package installation.
  • Package configuration.
  • Set up processes to update required fields.
  • Established required roles hierarchy.
  • UAT activities.
  1. Installation of Salesloft Insight package with required configuration both on Salesloft and Salesforce sides completed.
  2. Salesforce-managed package has been developed according to the company's requirements.  
  • A specific logic has been written (APEX code) to identify each customer during the package’s installation procedure in the company's client's Salesforce instances; 
  • App connects to the company’s website API endpoint and receives, parses, and writes down the data in one direction;
  • 4 custom objects, custom reports, and dashboards have been created to represent received data.

JET BI Advantages:

  • 20+ Products successfully designed, developed, and published on AppExchange for top AppExchange ISV vendors during the last 5 years. JET BI’s own products (Advantage for Salesforce, Conversayit for Salesforce) are already listed on AppExchange;
  • All-In-One Product Development Service provider. 40+ highly-skilled engineers, UX designers, developers, QA, and security experts will get you covered throughout the process of getting your app to shine on the AppExchange. Hybrid solutions with Heroku. iOS and Android mobile apps development;
  • Certified Salesforce Developers (DEV II), SCRUM Masters, Front-end developers, ISTQB-certified QA. All Salesforce-recommended best practices for development on the Salesforce platform at your hand;
  • Highest quality and security. JET BI's core values include trust, security, and quality. We implement the highest security standards on all levels. Efficient ISO-certified software quality management;
  • AppExchange® for business. We can help you with Salesforce Sales Cloud for ISV (“business org”) setup, integration with 3rd party systems, publishing console training, LMA, and trial force setup. We will help your sales team to increase customer engagement, revenue, transparency, and conversion with the #1 Sales automation tool in the world;
  • Industry-specific and 3rd party systems integration. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Field Services Lightning. Deep expertise in integration with SAP ERP and SAP HANA. IoT and VR solutions. Professional Services, Real-estate, Retail, Fashion, Banking, Oil&Gas.
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  • 1 Project Manager
  • Standard functionality
  • APEX
  • Visualforce Pages
  • Lightning Components
  • 47 months
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