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Resource Planning Project by JET BI. Capacity Solution Release

Capacity Project Resource Planning is a Salesforce Platform application intended to assist managers in generating new projects, determining project roles, and scheduling available employees to participate in these endeavors

Published by jetbi
13 July 2023

Project description 

Capacity Project Resource Planning is a Salesforce Platform application intended to assist managers in generating new projects, determining project roles, and scheduling available employees to participate in these endeavors. The application facilitates the selection of employees based on their project roles, professional expertise, and skill sets.


Goals and tasks 

The main purpose of the application is to empower managers to efficiently create and manage new projects. The application aims to streamline the process of assigning project roles and booking appropriate employees for these projects. Benefits of using the Capacity Project Resource Planning tool:

  • Creating project opportunities;
  • Initiating new projects;
  • Establishing project roles;
  • Defining deadlines and monitoring resources for projects;
  • Assigning tasks to employees based on their roles and levels;
  • Modifying project details and employee assignments;
  • Removing employee bookings.


Project scope 

The following set of tasks must be implemented:

  • Creating opportunities with the ability to set Opportunity Name, Account Name, Close Date, and Stage.
  • Creating projects with options to set Project Name, Project Status, Description, Customer Name, Project Start Date, and Project Finish Date.
  • Establishing project roles for each project, including Total Hours, Start Date, End Date, Level, and Project Role.
  • Providing a concise overview of all projects in "planned" status on a single page for easy analysis.
  • Displaying download status lines for each project employee.
  • Facilitating a search for employees based on a given project role within a project.
  • Enabling the display of the weekly workload for a selected employee.
  • Implementing a workload editing algorithm for making necessary adjustments.
  • Allowing the addition of multiple employees under the same project role within a project.



The result of the development and implementation of the Capacity Project Resource Planning tool:

  • Developed an opportunity creation algorithm.
  • Introduced a streamlined process for creating projects from existing opportunities.
  • Implemented an algorithm to easily add project roles to a project.
  • Created a dedicated page for displaying all projects in the "planned" status and allocated for realization hours.
  • Implemented the display of loading hours for each project role.
  • Incorporated an algorithm to efficiently search and assign employees based on project roles.
  • Implemented a tool for analyzing employee workload every week.
  • Added the ability to edit the workload as required.

The results of the application development were the implementation of all the project features, as well as functional and integration testing and achievement of objectives, as well as testing of the finished project on production.


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