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Marketing Cloud Implementation Case Study

Middle sized companies to benefit from automated marketing campaigns for enhanced customer experience and brand loyalty with Saleforce Marketing Cloud

Published by jetbi
16 August 2023

A client is a retail group with branches in a few countries operating online and offline. The company had previously implemented  Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enhance its marketing efforts and streamline processes. Their main objective was to set off several marketing automation campaigns with the help of Automation Studio and Journey Builder. The client has prepared a marketing strategy that drives customer engagement and loyalty from the first encounter with its audience and promotes strengthening the relationships in all customer lifecycles. Our team has started to work on a project to deliver a more engaging experience for the audience, accentuating special occasions, while also driving sales and increasing brand loyalty. 

 The major challenges

  • Set one of the sources for new customer acquisition as the corporate site. Make a new customer enter the onboarding journey immediately after the completion of the registration form on the website. 
  • Improve customer loyalty with an excellent customer experience by sending personalized messages and making feel special on a birthday. 
  • Generate conversions by providing a special discount code for onboarding and birthday journeys. 

Implemented Solution

Our team has implemented a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by the client.

  • First of all, the team creates a database, a journey with an API event as an entry source, and an API integration app. 
  • The Database collects all customer information needed for personalization and dynamic email content.


  • Then the team prepares an event, selects the Data Extension, and creates a journey. The journey flow includes the first email that the customer gets as soon as she completes the form in real time. In a week, the journey checks if the customer has managed to compete for an order with the help of the decision split. In case there are no orders, a reminder email is sent.  


  • As we prepare for API integration, we have installed a new app with the necessary scope, including the ability to write in Data Extension and Journeys. Once the trigger is ready, as soon as the form is submitted on the site, the customer data is sent to the journey.
  • To ensure the success of this journey, we have applied reusable templates with dynamic content in the email body. We used the 'TimeStamp' value to identify the season of the year and adapt the product range displayed in the email accordingly. We understand that this journey can only be entered once, as we do not allow re-entry. Therefore, the marketing message must be sent at the right time with the appropriate content. 
  • Birthday journeys are an effective way to engage with customers on their special day and offer them personalized deals. To achieve this, we have set up anniversary journeys to send out an email with a special offer five days before the date, a personalized birthday card on the day itself, and a reminder to use the offer two days after the event. To ensure that this journey is relevant to the audience, an automation with SQL query and journey entrance has been prepared to segment the audience and identify those who meet the entrance criteria. By utilizing these tactics, we can offer a tailored experience to our customers and improve their overall engagement with our brand.



Salesforce Marketing Cloud customer journeys are crucial for understanding customers better and setting the communication cadence with the audience. By optimizing the customer onboarding process and personalizing experiences, we have achieved significant results in all the countries the Client is selling.  Our engagement rate has increased, while the conversion rate has improved by 30%. In addition, onboarding journeys have helped to increase the cases of repeat purchases, indicating that our efforts to engage and retain customers have been successful.

In conclusion, our efforts to celebrate customers' anniversaries and introduce birthday journeys have paid off. As a result,  customer satisfaction rating has improved significantly. The emails from this journey have also performed exceptionally well,  with open rates of more than 80%, click-through rates ranging from 25  to  30%,  and a conversion rate soaring to 30%. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of personalized customer journeys in building strong relationships with customers.

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