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Help Center for Salesforce users

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04 March 2019
Professional Services

Project description 

JET BI team created a Help Center for Salesforce users seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Cases and Knowledge. It provides personalized search to give employees, customers, and partners the right information quickly. Users can find all the information that may be useful in the working process in a form of learning articles. The solution is also empowered with easy and transparent help center ticketing, in case no required information is available.

Goals and tasks 

  • Verify integration with 2 systems (Kronos, SharePoint)
  • Design tests for different Personas and different level of access (Salesforce, Salesforce Platform, Customer Community, Partner Community licenses)
  • Design detailed test documentation
  • Design detailed instructions and set-up steps for end users
  • Perform cross-browser testing
  • Analyze and test business requirements
  • GUI and Usability testing
  • Mobile testing (Salesforce App and native app)
  • Perform testing after customization functionality for end clients
  • Participate in working sessions with end clients for resolving issues

Project scope 

Implementation of Lightning App and Community for web and mobile usage that includes Salesforce Cases, Knowledge base and personalized search for finding the right information quickly. Implementation of custom reports and dashboards for tracking user activity and receiving feedback.


  • Powerful search capabilities consider Knowledge Article views, likes and last published date when presenting results. Results are personalized based on the user. Content Preview displays an article preview to the user without leaving search results.
  • Content is personalized and tailored for each user. Feedback on articles is managed within an SLA to ensure timely updates. The app manages article review cycles and automatically flags content in need of review.
  • Call to Action implemented - Suggested actions provide fast issue resolution, and can be defined based on the article type or category, or for a specific article. Actions can include logging a Case, making a phone call, visiting a web page, launching an app or chatting live with an agent.
  • Ease to Use - One-stop shop for all shared services ticketing (e.g. IT, HR, Facilities, T&E, etc.). Intuitive forms offer a frustration-free experience. Integrated Chatter® feed enables quick and easy collaboration between users and ticket owners.
  • Community version available. Lightning app and a native iOS designed.
  • 2 fully tested web versions of application were successfully released.
  • 2 fully tested mobile versions of application were successfully released.

Advantages of JET BI 

  • All engineers ISTQB Certified 
  • Deep knowledge in CRM systems 
  • Workflow transparency 
  • Flexible engagement models 
  • Minimal on-boarding overheads
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  • 1 QA Team Lead
  • 2 QA Engineers
  • Workbench
  • Postman
  • Salesforce Developer console
  • JIRA
  • Zephyr
  • 3 years
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