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Grow your business with Salesforce. Success Stories for Small Business. Story #4

Sales and Experience Cloud Based Solution for a Cosmetics Startup

Published by jetbi
01 March 2023


A German-based startup whose platform relates buyers and suppliers in the cosmetics industry. The business aim is to accelerate and simplify the creation process of cosmetics products, from ingredient search to the packaging solution, in tortoise time-to-market.



Implementation was done in a short time, a complex system of issuing rights was developed to create and edit certain types of records in the system and a lot of custom objects related to the chemical industry were created. Challenging items are SFDX usage, complex team structure, no access to the front end, and inherited issues from the previous team. 


Project Scope

  • Sales Cloud setup, custom objects creation;
  • Customer Community (Buyer) creation;
  • Partner Community (Supplier) creation;
  • Developing custom logic for conditional permission set assignment;
  • Implementation of custom logic for tasks assignment depending on already done tasks   in terms of status, prerequisites, and ,concurrency (for example recipe creation steps);
  • Developing custom API REST Service;
  • SFDX setup;
  • Approval processes configuration;
  • Dev, Partial, Full, and Sandboxes setup;
  • Integration with front-end
  • Postman automation tests;
  • Email templates creation;
  • Process Builders setup


Project Results 

  • Created platform which consists of an ecosystem that simplifies searches as regards formulas, ingredients, packaging specialists, and additional services;
  • System launched and still exists;
  • Basic training performed for the team;
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud setup;
  • Customer Community (Buyer) and Partner Community (Supplier) setup;
  • Custom logic implemented;
  • Integration with front-end performed
  • Regression and E2E auto-tests implemented;
  • Set up CI, reporting, and monitoring of automation test scope
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  • 1 Sales Cloud Certified Consultant
  • 1 Salesforce Certified Developer
  • 1 ISTQB Certified QA Engineer
  • APEX
  • Lightning Components
  • Experience Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • 3 months
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