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Grow your business with Salesforce. Success Stories for Small Business. Story #3

Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation for Europe-based startup

Published by jetbi
23 February 2023


The Europe-based startup provides a digital reusable packaging-as-a-service solution for takeaway meals and to-go drinks to reduce packaging waste.



The Client requested sales and customer support software that would assist their business while also delivering the speed and scalability that a fast-growing startup requires. The high-priority goals were:

  • Replace a legacy custom CRM with a new instance of Salesforce Sales Cloud to adjust to the growing business needs; 
  • Develop superior sales workflow and process to increase sales funnel conversion; 
  • Create a single customer view across business units to streamline the sales process;
  • Visualize sales performance to measure and boost sales team efficiency; 
  • Automate document management process to reduce costs for manual repeated operations;
  • Digitize the document signature procedure to improve customer interactions.


Project Scope

  • HubSpot to Salesforce Data Migration; 
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud (Enterprise Edition) setup and configuration for 10 users;
  • Declarative development (Validation Rules, Approval Process, Flows);
  • Configuration of user-friendly sales metrics to represent an individual’s, team’s, and company’s performance;
  • Integration with Gmail and Google Calendar;
  • Integration with the Document Management System - PandaDoc;
  • Configuration of personalized documents based on the PandaDoc templates;
  • Ongoing support and maintenance. 


Project Results 

  • The Team of Salesforce Certified Developers ensured the successful import of a large number of records (Accounts & Contacts) to a new system with proven data and accuracy
  • The new Sales Cloud instance aligned with business processes created a single customer view and allowed the Client to scale their business;
  • Implemented process automation reduced the number of time-consuming manual processes, freeing up the Client team to allow for more strategic initiatives and business development;
  • Salesforce-native reporting and dashboard capabilities allowed uncovering of weaknesses and strengths of the Client team. The metrics also helped identify and measure customers’ preferences. From now on, the Client can make more informed decisions about sales and marketing strategies, internal processes, and customer service;
  • Einstein Activity Capture enabled sync between Gmail, Google Calendar, and Salesforce, and made it possible to keep data between applications up to date.

The solution delivered a fully functioning Sales Cloud instance, fit for purpose, with integration to PandaDoc that:

  • Reduced manual efforts by enabling the creation of documents without having to leave Salesforce; 
  • Simplified and unified the document generation approach by creating one master template for each document type;
  • Digitized contract approval process with adding to its transparency and making tracking changes to contracts easier; 
  • Gave the Client team significant time savings by providing the ability to write back data into Salesforce. From now on, they do not need to manually verify and populate fields;
  • Speeded up document signature leading to decreased time to close deals; 
  • Allowed the Client to view and store all contracts in one place.
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