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Grow your business with Salesforce. Success Stories for Small Business. Story #2

Sales Cloud Implementation for GS Bavaria

Published by jetbi
22 February 2023


GS Bavaria, a Germany-based startup company, manufactures nanopowders, nanocomposites, and new innovative materials.



GS Bavaria did not have a cohesive platform or process for tracking data; some data was stored in spreadsheets and could not be easily shared between team members. The Team also used a manual quoting process that was affecting their productivity badly.  

To empower the team to collaborate and accommodate future growth, GS Bavaria approached us to develop a centralized place to manage potential and existing customers, quotes, and contracts.


Project Scope

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud (Professional Edition) setup for 5 users; 
  • Automation of the quoting process through Products and Price Book configuration and creation of Quote templates; 
  • Gmail to Salesforce connection through Einstein Activity Capture;
  • Analytics setup (dashboards for daily, weekly, and monthly performance and reporting at individual, team, and manager levels);
  • Ongoing maintenance and support services.


Project Results 

Our tailored-made solution was implemented considering the limitations of the Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional Edition and within the two-week delivery window. Using out-of-the-box Quotes, Products, and Price Book functionality, the JET BI Team streamlined the pricing model of GS Bavaria to improve their quoting efficiency. 


The proposed solution included: 

  • Development of a central system to store, manage and analyze data about potential and existing customers. Sales Cloud standard objects made it possible to seamlessly manage incoming leads, qualification stages, quotes, and contracts; 
  • Setup of Products and Price Book ensured goods would be easily trackable and their actual price could be used to calculate a deal’s amount at the time of sale;
  • Product Catalog allowed to quick create accurate quotes and proposals as well as eliminate data entry errors in opportunities, quotes, and contracts, 
  • Configuration of Quote templates enabled the sales team to send their customers multi-dimensioned quotes, consisting of pricing, quantity, and discount, just in several minutes compared to several hours in the past. All quotes generated are now easily reported in a consistent format;
  • Standard and enforceable quoting process improved pipeline traceability;
  • Thanks to the connection with Gmail done through Einstein Activity Capture, automatically generated quotes could be sent from Salesforce with a click as well as saved in the history; 
  • Comprehensive reports allowed for reflecting the state of Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities.
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