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Development of the analytical reporting on platform SAP BW

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05 February 2018

Project description 

  • The business analytics need was primarily related to the company`s format features, to the huge range of the company`s range of products and to the large geographical coverage area.
  • It is necessary to have current sales in the conditions of dynamically changing realities, to be able to analyze the maximum of information, and even better – to see all the data online. It gives you enough time to produce and sell the goods until it outdates, to find a potential customer.
  • It is difficult to understand the nature of the product demand (most often sold model, most popular size, most requested design, etc.) using only the reports generated by the accounting system and table applications like Excel.  As a result, business decisions are often made only on the basis of a peer review, while such important criteria for the profitable choice as objectivity, efficiency, demonstrativeness, adaptability, clear forecast and deep analysis are eliminated.
  • To solve the question of data analysis within a huge enterprise in a more constructive way, the company management chose the high quality analytical system - SAP BI.
  • Solutions based on SAP BI  provide good business visibility through integrated presentation of key indicators.

Goals and tasks 

  • Transition to centralized data analysis of business data;
  • Creation of a single information space that enables the joint concerted co-work of all departments;
  • Optimization of the retail business processes (planning, supply, product range, logistics);
  • Automation and simplification of the coordination process and decision-making at production side;
  • Provide the possibility to obtain the current information about the company business activities around the world.

Project scope 

The implementation of the project started in September 2013 and went into productive operation in February 2014. For the time being the system has more than 100 users from various departments and their number is constantly growing.

At the heart of the corporate data warehouse is a data model, realized as a one OLAP-cube that contains transaction systems data and enables business analysts and system users to build complex reports for all activity areas by themselves without involving technical experts.

To make the data investigation and analysis convenient the functional SAP BO Explorer was integrated, the space of the key indicators set in the following fields: production, wholesale and retail trade, stock purchases, costs, financial and management reporting. Within the project, the mechanism forecasting the pace of sales was implemented that takes into account statistical data on seasonal sales in the industry, the module for input, consolidation and coordination of the annual business plans and operational plans of certain departments was developed and adjusted.

As source systems has been integrated and are now used the following: SAP ERP (POSDMBW modules, MM, SD, LE, FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP, PP, CO-OM, CO-PA, CO-PC), SAP ERP Retail , SAP HR, 1C, MS SQL, Oracle SQL.

Work on the project included the following phases:

  • Gathering of requirements and analysis of the current business processes within the enterprise in order to create the concept of a single data repository;
  • Integration of SAP BI system with enterprise systems - SAP ERP, 1C, SHOP POS;
  • Setting data streams, data linking and reports development;
  • Productive operation and further development of functionality.

In the course of the project, JET BI experts developed a unique solution that has no analogues - single MultiCube comprising basic analytics and performance data of all company activity areas: sales, production, logistics, stocks, etc. It enabled users to prepared different data layers with minimal time.

Thanks to the sophisticated data architecture and to the tight integration of heterogeneous systems,  the historical data on sales and balances for the year 2011 were uploaded into the system with maximum detail. Then the data from SAP ERP system were added and linked into reports.

During the work on the project about 100 reports such as planning and monitoring stocks, relations with suppliers, cost shopping, forecasting historical and operational sales reports were implemented, that allow planning and recording of the performance indexes.

In addition to standard reporting, experts of JET BI implemented a set of SAP Business Objects reports, SAP Explorer space and a set of mobile reports. This functionality enables management of the company to analyze indicators of the main processes of the enterprise online.


The implemented system enabled the full automation of the reporting process. The manual data gathering and processing were replaced, the historical data for past periods were uploaded into the system, data scalability and analysis depth were expanded significantly, also the speed of operative data provisioning with the ability to analyze the data for a long historical period increased. The provision of information is implemented in accordance with the ‘one truth’ concept - a single data source for all user reports.

Advantages of JET BI 

  • Unique technical expertise and experience in Business Intelligence tools;
  • High quality thanks to the efficient QA processes and the transparent handling of bugs enhancement applications;
  • Bureaucracy minimum;
  • Adjustment to the client`s internal processes, challenges implementation with regard of the specific of the business processes;
  • High level of employees’ motivation.
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