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Developing of corporate reporting in regard to KPI`s analysis

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07 February 2018

Project description 

Within the project has been created a set of reports that provide an evaluation opportunity for the efficiency of the main production processes – load of production lines, efficient use of operating hours, production downtime and scrap rate. In addition, the developed reports provide a status of the entire works done within the whole company as a well as give an opportunity for detailed reports on each employee and on the production order numbers. Client: International manufacturer and vendor of insulations.

Goals and tasks 

  • Integration MS SQL and SAP BW;
  • Data analysis, development of the key performance indicators;
  • Development of the data model and data flows in SAP BW;
  • Development of BEx-query reporting;
  • Development of Web-reporting and its publishing at the corporate portal.

Project scope 

  • Within the project was performed integration between MS SQL, monitoring of the production lines, and SAP BW as an enterprise data warehouse;
  • Data collection is carried out in real time with the opportunity to monitor the loading status.


As a result of the project have been implemented 6 reports, that were put into production operation in November 2016. Today more than 170 persons use these reports in 17 countries worldwide.

Advantages of JET BI 

  • Unique technical expertise and experience in Business Intelligence tools;
  • High quality thanks to the efficient QA processes and the transparent handling of bugs enhancement applications;
  • Bureaucracy minimum;
  • Adjustment to the client`s internal processes, challenges implementation with regard of the specific of the business processes;
  • High level of employees’ motivation.
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